Tuesday, 17 November 2009

the Freeze from Boston not UK continued

sorry for the all those delays in getting the Freeze interview published but it's been a drag with all the housework lately - but in this age of an internet it will not make any difference cause nobun hardly ever takes notice anyway to what happens or not - except for maybe if I followed cliff off to the gents' room and have the whole show from then on streamed to your home via der Kanal von haselore - now at haselore.net - which makes it really easy to find onna internet now and which sounds also really cool inna way, don#'t it?
during the trip to the show both of the stuffed up drivers were endlessly complaining about the low quality level the Freeze had reached by they time they came to europe first time which was back in something like 1943. on arrival then the guys cracked jokes about the backing band who they said rather looked like locals from kuhdorf, where ever that place might be...

but all I can say is that the Freeze were really good and together when i saw them and I got a good seat and basically everything was fine. i cannotsay what songs they played exactly and what other's not cause i weren't fast enough to steal their set list from the stage, a thing that i got kicked in the bum for trying to do at the blut & eisen show earlier this year.and maybe I acted more cautious than necessary this time cause now i got a real sereous lack of and find it hard to do a detailed review
but they played 'time bomb' and 'broken bones'
and they did "the gardener and the maid" and "pig hunt" and some other songs i like
all in all the freeze were very good on that evening and here's some videosample a supporter who wishes to be referred to as mr. x sent in - just to prove myself right and not because they were of an outstanding quality.
so here's the cool speech for his audience that Bill Close did during two songs i forgot simply forgot the names to, so please click right here

i was going to use the break for having a cool photo made - naturally one showing my self with one of the main actors. luckily I would not have to talk to her but as she looked like she had access to an expensive drum set she was alright for the next 7 seconds
when all of a sudden cliff hangar crawled up to me on all of his four paws...
but like i said before, at some point i had really lost hope that the interview were coming together as I had wished cause suddenly i was getting out of touch with my target
luckily Bill then showed up onna scene and reminded cliff that they were to do the interview for Looking For Kohl yet and told that mentioned hippie jerk with his shit demo to fuck off and leave myself alone with the band!!

haselore kohl waiting for the meets the freeze

haselore | MySpace Music Videos

and while I am waiting for cliff to hopefully finish klarabella off once and for all - please again enjoy for once again bill's cool move on der kanal von haselore
and now here's the interview that i have conducted with Cliff Hanger and Bill Close of Freeze fame exclusively for my own blog - Looking For Kohl
HK: 1. how old are you
CH: '48 YoA'
BC: '43 YoA'
2. what's the song you like most?
CH: 'Nothing Left'
CB: 'Last Letter Home'
3. how are you feeling now after the show?
CH: ... like a 1 million $
CB: ... like a combination of younger and older
you could have some real dumbass fun with bill and cliff - and indeed it is very interesting what the freeze sounded like in 2007 when bill was not playing his supersonic guitar in the band when cliff had some permie fill in for him- and you will find some redneck jerks at jerky's shouting along to 'broken bones' which i think is rather funny

when i looked for other bands with an underrated guitar sound like Bill Close has I have found a video of my favourite song by siouxsie & the banshees on which she unfortunately cheats the larger public for her infamous swastika armband and what else has to do with her general misinterpretation of liza minelli's role in cabaret...
but after all, youtube is meant to be a videochannel friendly for the whole family and not only for the family in let#s say belgium or austria.
so you gotta watch carcass now which happens to be the banshees' best song but where the drumming is so shit it seems to me that they were eager to rework the same riff for spellbound, as soon as they got budgie in who he did all the good drumming for the slits on there cut album. but spellbound remains maybe their only good song after 1979. so if you wonder why there's two songs by a band that just sound the same - that's what bands usually do to make more music from the same idea. and as for the banshees made that much dosh with that one idea they could keep good old siouxsie in a healthy appearance as a more recent but all in all unlistanable version of spellbound shows - but if you sum up all the tons of makeup she must have used it must have cost them a fortune.

so let's leave with the LP version of carcass which is used as the soundtrack to some nice entertainment in a pub that i think a lot of people would like to get drunk in on a weekend if it were only nearer to there houses
and will you please always make sure not to have any of the exciting english food near your keyboard or it might get stuck to your paws and go out of work from to time
yours haselore kohl

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