Friday, 8 May 2009

me ana Hinterlandt

onna beautiful saturday in march of zero 9 I&I went down to da practice bunker to check if my orchestra was right irie and inna mood to serve their humble mistress with some bassheavy stuff - they were indeed so irie that they couldna found their power chords even if they wanted to.

.... when I&I was getting real depressed over these facts there was the sounds of mighty horns to be heard through about 2 steeldoors coming in and i&i recognized dem sounds. but it wasna sound to have the walls of jericho come tumbling down!
rather it sounded like some sweet leaves to cover them like a modern sketches of spain. it sounded neat fresh and tidy. so i went inna that room and found the hinterlandt orchestra. and i got introduced to these three fine lads being jochen, hilmar and felix. jochen is the master of this band and has done hinterlandt as a solo thing since the end of buckethead, a band that i hear has been a very good live band and that had released some cds on epistrophy. cds is good for my player so i will see if i can copy them from anybody. I need to save money for my digicam! i'm a fucking journalist not some rich bunny who got his burn powdered inna zerozero all his life! and still I got to feed this bun with the iron mask who has been getting on my nerves for the last 2 years now...

back to buckethaed they had hilmar on drums who had played in the militant mothers along with karls nagel and the aforementioned ones from one of my last blogs. apparently hilmar got a lot of practice from playing with these bands. felix on the other hand has been doing home of the lame for the better half of his life. jochen himself is some kind of magician on the guitar and me like his 'eavy stylee! they invited me to the show inna silke arp bricht, but I could not come for reasons that should not be mentioned for the better. apparenly they are of the political kind. hinterlandt have just released their new album inna limited edition onna data stick format for your conveniance!

get them while they last, yours haselore

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claud said...

apparently it is because there are no buns allowed at da club. but be assured, dear lore, the show was awful anyway....