Friday, 31 July 2009

planet der affen - Franz Wittich

onna first weekend of june bun had a date with k-einon ana warprayer at the packebuh festival situated right inna lovely altmark for a drink ana little chat
bun have heard that all the english really fancy that place and are generally inna good and talkative mood while talking about the jerrys rumour has it that they can be watched falling over the tentropes there all night and that it only gets violent there very late onna last day. but buns driver very unreliably cancelled the trip onna short notice. so bun had to make a change of plans and she went down to the stumpf where franz wittich were supposed to play their record release show. when bun enterd the main room she met franz wittich drinking at the counter ana must say that she was very fond of the way he smiled at her - a very handsome man not unlike the jaques palminger character!

bun soon found a good place where she could the action ona stage quite well and got comfortable with some scotch'n'water she got offered by franz wittich - bun should soon get to now why he was offering her such heavy liquor! maybe cause of that stylish hardskin badge ?!

from her seat your humble editoresse could see the first band puris ani packing in their gear and giving UY's into the audience.

after the show bun met jo jo their drumnmer and was found posing just in front of two copies of the way cool franz wittich punk ist der geilste 7" on dpg. the dpg mainman told me that bun should write here that you could order it from epistrophy or pain of mind because dpg is rarely around and he does not know where or what pisstrophy is exactly

bun had promised to send the shot to jojo but she could not properly read his email adress and so my mails to him got returned!!

then it got time for franz wittich to start off at least the audience was telling the bassplayer to do so - so him and Andreas K got onna stage finally not before making provoking gestures to the audience - obviously being influence by anus dei and their actions onna stage

there was some older drunken honkytonk and look at the way cool infaust shirt he's wearing!

bun might mention the fact that the singer of puris dei made himself useful behind the counter - but he gots in lots of stupid arguments with a drunken audience!

and here's the playlist for today, and it#s savage circle & dope for guns by the ruts from the southall area in london...

have a nice one and be waiting patiently for more dark secrets about the franz wittich that y.h.e. will be revealing real soon! honestly!
yours haselore kohl

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