Tuesday, 20 September 2011

gay bar


onna last sunday bun took a chance to take the lads from her US office out to a big house of burlesque where they're was a show going on in the afternoon with what the yanks call 'soccer' and what us more cultivated europeans rather call 'footy'.

since bun's favourite club der arminia from bielefeld is heading straight for relegation into the german fourth league in two zero twelve - it's a right shame, isn't it? - it seemed appropriate for your humble editoress to take the boys from the dog end of all hoods out to a proper premier league match and that very day it happened that fc dortmund was playing local team arminia hannover

to cut a rather long & boring story short - fc dortmund is a shit team cause they lost the match within the last 5 minutes of the game - everybunny was happy except for the estimated 20+ thousand fans that came from dortmund to support there team. never mind the bollocks, here' the footage bun got out of this trip - ladies & gentlemen, der Kanal von Haselore präsentiert:

"96, Alter! ... Liebe"
- sung by the usual bunch of retards.

hell - bun just thought listening to this againm - somebun better call for an emergency! any which way it was time to hop home, 'cause the future looked bright ahead

yours, haselore

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