Tuesday, 14 April 2009

zu besuch bei die spiesser vom hopfenweg

your humble editoress and her husband hasmuth went out over the weekend to visit some friends at hopfenweg. that paparazzi RT shot a pic of hasmuth and me chilling in the garden

hasmuth got on bun's nerves babbling some senseless stuff about 'dem girls 'dem girls - bun just wonders what he was fuzzing on about and why he has not simply kept his mouth shut.

that bun in the iron mask thing seems to have reached his head. he is listening to ice cube all the time and is sometimes shouting "poor eazy sleazy E." it's sickening when he is like that and then somebun gets very tired and hops off to bed early.

bun got to hear triston palmer's joker smoker today - good compact production and great p. c. lyrics - sorry almighty brother - bum started to listen to African Scream Contest album a couple of days ago, but is still far from doing a review about that one.... to busy hanging out in the sun which is why bun came here in the first place

yours, haselore

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