Tuesday, 29 December 2009

how much art can you take?


there is not that much art that you will have to take this time, but it is of a better quality than most else's bunny's art. 'cause yesterday i had a meeting with one of the important artists down my barrio, the infamous ES who is beknownst for her regardless agitation against the authorities to stand in her way - and to quote the tom robinson band now: "right on sister!" - or something like that...

the first piece of art that i am going to show you is a cool installation going by the name of "Schaf hilft Pferd beim Kopfstand". in english this title translates to "A disgusting horse hopefully breaking her neck trying to perform the turnvater fritzen - being executed by some cool sheep for who i am gonna buy a couple of drinks later on"

her next piece is a rather abstract painting that deals with the topic of a subject getting physically and mentally dealt with by the authorities and how under such circumstances that subject would view her personal guard inna distorted way as a response to the oppression of mind and body - at least that#s what i got as a comment to this piece out of the artists flatmate cause the artist herself she were off to bed already as for not feeling well...

if i can remember clearly the painting was called "ach, die da oben..." and bun could roughly translate this to "it's a training course - by forces of oppression" though somebun might argue this were a bit of an oversimplification to the matter ... well, art for art's sake really tires me, but this has got some meaning. same goes for the best installation ever by teddy novak, that

is called "hitfits" and it has a very complex soundtrack recording coming along with it!

now enjoy the artwork and ask yourself how for much longer you will tolerate stuff like this... but what's more nazi than a cool slamdance pit? probably nothing! so enjoy some volence, and that's got really nothing to do with the rest of the text here...

up yours, haselore kohl

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