Thursday, 10 December 2009

satanic malfunctions

as you all know from studying your history books well, rudolf hess was trying to commit suicide inna krusty the clown style with his messerschmidt and was trying to hit the atlantic with it and hitting it real hard as for he was gonna cop out of wwii!

but strangely enough he did not succeed. in spite of the atlantic being relatively big compared to the wannsee and so he accidentally landed down some acre in scotland. and what countries out there are worse than robert-the-bruce-country is to drop down from the sky on them? ... a country that has even got more more scots and midges than there are within the british cabinet is definataly not!

... and here's something that might be a lot cooler than the british cabinet - as for the latter have never made you seriously think that somebun inna third reich better had not lost that crucial battle of britain for it appears to me that the legal successsor to der german reich now produces music that is - so to speak with paul weller of paul weller fame "the bitterest pill bun's ever had to swallow" [and btw. paul it's just that one of your songs where the title fits best with the actual mp3, the smart editoress]
i mean this vid is so queer that i have to play it once again cause it combines the riffing of metallica with one of young leif garret's many misunderstood musical approaches and even better those ones of his jerry-style-rip-off-machine benni...

apart from that: some time ago i found out that before armageddon which is about to happen real soon - there will be some weeks left still - enough time for you all to repent - so better go on paying tribute to your specific god or just go on having a a great day,
yours haselore

[apparently hess - who should not to be confused with the swiss nobel laureate of roughly about the same name - later tried to convince the british authorities who were questioning him for the motives of the flight and why he had no cool secret nazi weapon on board the plane he were something like an agent. he basically tried to make them believe that he indeed had intended to land on that acre deliberately and that he were no cowardly quitter rather than somebun sent from heaven and to support his point he boldly offered them a fake a peace treaty where he had faked der führer's secretary's signature. but the brits knew exactly that the war had already been lost for the fritzens as for ernst "well paid" schäfer not being able to track down that one of the seven obscure lama who really new how you do construct the vergeltungswaffe. by the way exactly that very task heinrich "draft dodger" harrer later succeeded in when he just kidnapped the tibetan holy cow and in the end succeeded to sell tibet to the chinese who were interested in getting to know about about der cool vergeltungswaffe, too! yours hk, the always smart and more than close to the real facts editoress]

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