Saturday, 4 June 2011

just outside of town - phonogramm


as your humble editoress is spending her precious and well deserved holidays in brooklyn, nyc right down us&a giving autographs to important people like gian luca from little italy she had to send hasmuth off to the wicked schmuckplatz (a.k.a. "der schmucki") festival in linden near hannover

because phonogramm played and your humble editoress had promised those guys to have a feature about there set onna at the very happening bun is used to call the festival fulla schmucks

shutting off all those rock critics complaining that phonogramm were playing too loud!

poor old hasmuth sadly is not too skilled when it comes to shooting clips - but he managed to get any at all at least and here know is a link to the song Neues Land and an other cool example of how to write a more than decent song that you can watch by clicking right here

see ya real soon upon my return from nyc - and remember to tell hasmuth i said "wuzzup" - if you happen to meet him somewhere!

yours, haselore

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