Sunday, 17 January 2010

... and the horse she rode in on


"wish i had a black cortina, whiplash areal - racing trim - cortina owner no one meaner - wish that I could be like him" is a queer joke, innit? i got invited to my pal SH's place and we were gonna have tea in the afternoon! but I did not a f'in cortina handy and the weather was so badthat i had to look for alternatives but walking their...

and i really found no better option to go down to the limmer than the one you can see on the photo.

but somehow i ended up waiting in vain, sadly my friend did not show up - so i hope that somebun else will give me a lift back to town!

...and I wish that my means of transport is going to be a big red cortina but not again some f'ed up horse's f'ed up back!

sincerely yours, haselore kohl

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