Sunday, 3 January 2010

till slut: hellsongs fran göteborg

finally i managed to retrace those cool photographs showing myself with hellsongs from gothenburg!
...onna warm evening in autumn of zero 9 i had gone off to der mephisto bar (by the way thanks to PS for putting me on his guest list, but I hope that next time he'll put me onna free drinks list there as well!).

göteborg (as the swedes like to call that place and because i am cool i will use that name too from now on) is known to many a headbanger as the city that spawned lots of metal bands like tiamat (who started off as treblinka funny enough...) and at the gates respectively their 'punk' version skitsystem. ... and i think even anti cimex who for my own personal taste would be the best band by far out of the package then, because i think that nihilist and carnage were from stockholm.... but... ring my bell... there was union carbide productions, they were from the original gbg punk scene and they were like one of the best bands in the world who had an albini produced fourth album only to become the soundtracks of our lives later on.

hellsongs sure do have got a great keyboarder who pushes out the necessary few sharp chords you probably need to make versions like that to sound that good...

... and the singer, she's a really good one and she has an exceptional style bun could put it - but just look at her very loud shoes, i wonder if she painted them inna yellow colour all by herself... this is so heavy! plus i really loved her showy shirt that the singer wore cause i thought it would look smashing onna photograph along with the curve-accentuating sequin dress with the plunging neckline i was wearing this night.
... and even better hear know you can check out what hellsongs sound like

after the show i was hanging around hellsongs' merch table...

... and i had a good plan: once i would have attracted there attention and got them into smalltalk their would be no escape for them from my daring questions! i was not going to have another artist's escape like cyness's!

and it worked out: i really got them into the show - first for a cool artist's portrait...

... and a tad later even for my famous 3QK (just 3hree Questions for looking for Kohl) interview and deeply into the artists' persons

you know, hellsongs they are really shy people and i guess they would not even like to see there names printed here, but i think there using fake names any way... so it won't matter - as long as they don't come up to my burrow for sticking carrots up my bum!

so here's the interview with hellsongs: johan, kalle [I'll bet he's named after karl-gustav - för kung och fösterland, yours HK, queen of the cool qute]) & siri who is from norway and therefore does not have a cool swedish name cause walter said the norwegians are not allowed to carry these names cause they are not part of the EC and will never be as for the permanent hunting of whales and fish and i still don't know if i should believe him or not...

LFK: how old are you, johan?
Johan: thirty.... one
LFK: how old are you, kalle?
Kalle: i am as old as the metal scene in gothenburg
LFK: how... aaahhh... siri, what's your favourite flowers? (... as i've obviously realized that Ii can't ask a lady for her real age..)
Siri: Lilies!

LFK: what's the song you like to play most?
Johan: 'war pigs'
Siri: 'perfect. next questtion!'

LFK: how do you feel now after the show?
Johan: 'great! ...and maybe a little bit... kckrckrrkkk' thirsty'
[i don't think that he really said thirsty, to be honest I do not have a clue as to what he said, but as i've probably mentioned elsewhere hellsongs are shy people that speak onna very low level of volume, HxKx]

Kalle: 'great'
Siri: 'great'

i can't find any pictures of lily's [now thats a cool pun, most def! hk] on my hard disk drive right now, but after you enjoyed the who playing it, here is yet another video of hellsongs - and as you know from the cool interview it's hellsong's favourite song!

yours, haselore kohl

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