Friday, 6 November 2009

cyness from potsdam onna friday in august 09

cyness from potsdam were playing stumpf on friday, 27th of august, just a day before my auntie haselotte's birthday.
cyness were good and strong like a grindcore parody in itself, see mighty loffi having a laugh about the wicked macho attitudes of the porno grind and death metal genres.

i liked there cool technical understatements and heavy arrangements with lots of cool breaks! then I had another look round the front room!
waiting to visit the bog I got to talk to some of my supporters from der silke arp brichts who happened to be the layouters of the cool franz wittich poster I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog!
.. and then I finally got to portray the stumpf bog

and i was going to talk to one of the local hannover nutters but he would not listen to my holy words of wisdom at all cause he had already passed out some 7 seconds before...
wotta great show - and life goes on and on and on so you will get chances galore to se cool bands like cave canem, fall of efrafa, november 13th, images, drug revival, bowmen, t-34, hier krepiert , franz wittich, sanitär öder bringer absturz

haben sie auch einer schöner tag, bitte! eurer haselore kohl

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