Monday, 23 November 2009

the only good punk is a crap one

i got a very cool letter the other day. my mate king einon of avon in the west country, where i come from, wrote in and told me that he had a new band called bullet ridden apart from that other one with with jim who used to play in the afore mentioned ripcord (I#ll spare you all of that my fav bunnies stuff for this time) - and even sent me a demo for review! as in the past there had been serious misunderstanding in communication between my management and afore mentioned king einon developed: when I had them sending my erotic pictures to the king back in august he the king was not very pleased by those wisecracking comments my management made within the very same email they were "attaching" the photograph to and sending it electronically (u now: 1-0-1) over the channel to fishponds.

---Original Message-----
Sent: 06 August 2009 23:58
Subject: Your Photograph of Mrs. Kohl

Dear Mr. E.,
in regard to your correspondence with Mrs. Kohl I am hereby enclosing a picture for your enjoyment.
Mrs. Kohl said she had been already dressed up for bed when she remembered to have a quick photograph made, showing her in a position we think is very popular in the United Kingdom and we hope that you will enjoy very much when looking at it before or while practising sexual intercourse with yourself or with a partner of any gender.
Yours faithfully,

Stefan J. Walter -
Personal Assistant to Mrs. Haselore Kohl -
Looking For Kohl Translation Services Kxxx / Wxxxxx GbR

and the king, you now, he got even more angry when he found out that i had used one of the pictures he had paid me for to do on my own blog back in september- up here. but i hope that all has been cleared now between the parties involved and that there g
ood friends again finally now!

blimey, what an outcry there had been down fishponds! anyways props for sending bullet ridden demo, nice one, martin - and a very good demo as it turned out, i liked it better than the warprayer stuff i got off him. the demo starts off with and reminds you of poison idea (not this one 'ere, but hear the solo) and pops heavy metallic punk in a vein similar to a slower electro hippies (by the way these had jeff walker on bass who later became a forming member of the afore mentioned carcass and watch there best song british profiteers right here though there actually is not a lot to see and hear but what's fucking more important than authenticity or however that fucking word is spelled....).

in bullet ridden's third song i even think that I hear a little influence by maggot slayer overdrive but i am sure einon probably did not get further the corpus vile side of the old split lp, so no accuse of a blatant rip off this time. props to the others in that band teaching the king a proper vocal style that I think sounds so much better than that practised previously.
bottom line bun could write:
this is what a better wolfbrigade could sound like: a real punk band.

so I went up on the royal internet and i must say that i could find the king's homepage very easily cause it looked very good and it had a multidigit number code at the end of its uniform ressource locater, exactly the kind of facts i can remember best.
not good to read though that he was sad, so maybe this little story here will help to cheer him up again!

so here's the questions for the interview king einon made the answers up to, so here we go again... haselore kohl meets king einon inna world full of cider, czech lager and tentropes bun could hang herself up with or just fall over. ...and an interview where she could finally do the questions once the answers were given. ("she" in this case is myself, you moron!)

HK: whose the main cost driver in the band - the bun to get sacked first when the economy is on the decline and to get back in employment last when the economy#s on the rise again??
KE: haha! that's a good question, ooh, that's tricky, well out of all of us I would say chris the guitar player although he might be angry I said that.

HK: would you guys be my backing band for a tour of china, where i was made?
KE: no never, not ever if you slept with us... (looks i will never get back there... hk)

HK: i have heard that your favourite dish after spending a heavy night with totters or any other of the roadies were some rare steak with runny eggs - just the type of shit sid used to have when he was hungover on the pistols US tour. now - if there was any real groupies ever to be - what would you dine on the next morning in her respectively his presence while he respectively she can watch you eating all the food on your own?
KE: A roast egg I think... (now, that's what i call a clever answer to that! bummer!! HK)

HK: how often does - speaking of the band as a collective now - bullet ridden go out on the streets to tell foreigners about poisen idea, the band they think is england's healthiest rock exports product ever except for U2?
KE: at least twice a day. It's just the way bullet ridden are as people. (honestly, i would not have expected this to actually happen more often than once a week, HK)

HK: what
's yer next clever step on the way straight to the very top?
KE: CD record on overground records (these fools did not send me a link, so i could not put one up here on my internet, yours, the smart editoresse)

HK: thanks for your precious time, king. any cool last words you want to direct to all the bunnies really reading this shit here and not just staring at the pictures and looking them up for the really interesting bits?
KE: thank you for the interview

that's king einon - he is sad and he is cool as fish as you can see onna internet. just like solstice are but the king's style it is to lay vocal tracks down to harddisc that sound a bit less doomy than the iron fist of england. and please remember the best demo inna world and that it also was produced in bristol. still that good that i will get back onna topic soon once i have the chance.

and to quote what the rejects wrote for their first album:
"where the hell is babylon, i don't wanna know -
but when i'm finally down for it - it'll be the hell of a good show!!!"

yours haselore

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