Tuesday, 3 November 2009

hier krepiert tuesday

there is lots of dyslexics inna city of linden and I went there again some weeks ago!
to be more specific, i went off to the HM's home base where there's lots of plants i like
and it's down the wicked part of the city....but I got well fed and stuffed there at HM's placebut i am not really sure if he ever had a worse day than this... ... with a beautiful young lady who has - sadly enough - already been married to some bun else!i will go out later and go meet my pal varela and his all inferior blues band the hier krepiert quartet for another session and another live review i am most likely never going to publish... - they will probably put on a very hard show again but hey don't show a lot of qualifications yet except for their the tight drumming, the good lyrics and the powerful shrieky guitar playing - means they got some potential but not much else - except for...... that they are real cunny pricks or loser dropouts because obviously they've put one of the best guitar players in town on the bass, an instrument that dooms bun to endlessly reproduce very monotonous basslines - at least in the hier krepiert quartet bun apparently has to.

go out and make your own day, yours haselore

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