Thursday, 19 November 2009

show of strength

livi's a shit place and even carcass came from st. helens, so this leaves the role of the greatest son of the city to rory storm off the hurricanes. and liverpool#s so shit that even their best football club is located onna other, western bank of river mersey

but the best book inna world originally seems to come from liverpool as it is "the manual" by the KLF or the time lords or the JAMs or whatever crap name they would use in the following week. KLF who set a suitcase of cash ablaze onna isle of skye and who got very unhappy a few years later when they had run out of the amount cash they had not burned.
and i am trying to style my music like "the manual" says. but my guitarplayer he is an arse and just won't cut his hair and beard off because he is saying the book don't say anything about hairdos and just that you don't have to know shit about music... .. but it just proves that he nows shit about the music industry!!! anyways if you dunno doctorin the tardis that had the riff to gary glitter's leader of the gang (here's a link, actually to a vid without controversial mr. glitter, but with more hooters in it... plus as a bonus this version is really bad! ....the KLF also had what time is love a song that's even more stupid and even better constructed and you may remember that it was once featured in a fictional play on television with the lyrics dealing with dr. zaius off planet of the apes

the manual will hopefully to make my day by using all the well researched facts about the music business, so if you don't own a copy yet (and you most probably won't unless you are somebun with very generous relatives like my auntie hasgrith is who herself thought it were a very good idea to buy me the german version which is shit now cause i need help reading it and i am not happy with the idea of sharing all the book's precious information with somebun else from jerryland knowing shit about music! so i looked up the internet for an english version and i found it for free, just click right here for a copy!

... and finally the KLF must now how to make a million quid. ... or two. and everybody likes them because the KLF got their stunt with Extreme Noise Terror for 3:00 AM Eternal on TOTP. back inna time when grindcore and death metal had long become really shitty and uninspired thrash - except for the above mentioned carcass who stood the test of time and got better with every record. but ENT were a shit band as well and probably not even in it for the music - at least that's what there records except for that peel session show...
if you want some of the real cool hardcore rather buy (or steal...) some cheap ripcord bootleg cassette like i did I paid it!!!), because it#s less of a waste of time and you have more of a good time. ....and ripcord they got peel sessions too plus very good demo recordings and they had jim whitley on bass whose not only played in cruelty but even cooler is also playing inna band with the sexiest man from wales - a man of honour i have an interview in preparation with, so you better watch out for my up and coming posts!

and all of this does not make 3 AM eternal a better song. and i don't really think the KLF were any better than scumputer are these days.

"the manual" and the success of the KLF, or justified ancients of suck my ass both prove that you neither need lots of lyrics nor good ones - and that you don't need to be chumbawamba to get played onna radio! but still some of the more oldfashioned labels over here still demand "der textblatt" with a demo tape so i will have to think of some cool topics to write some lyrics about!
bill drummond who made up half the KLF was the manager of the teardrop explodes and echo & the bunnymen (and by the way the latter i think owned the second best band name in the world though teardrops were the better and had the better singer as it turned out in the end - but click here as well to hear echo's mccullough perform his now legendary jim morrison rip off vocal style). but drummond thought echos would earn him more cash (and right he was) and spent all his cash on his clothes and the teardrops would not like that, cause thy got no fancy dresses for stage

especially julian cope hated him (as well as his keyboarder who was part of the management) and later recorded the song "bill drummond said" which is is a very good song. like most songs by cope and if you click right here and you can even find the song julian h. cope which also a very good song. and bill drummond himself did the song "julian cope is dead" which is a very bad song - but it got also covered by nelson muntz he who altered the lyrics to "joy to the world, the teacher is dead". I could not find that song, but here's an interview with bill drummond about "how to be a musician". but always keep in mind cope#s much better as a composer and musician than drummond in case should he mention him onna screen!
as for cope himself he has always dressed very uncool not only in the last years, but at least he's not wearing some really ugly hat any more and he has got any songs. much different to what drummond has. as of now i have not really been able to understood why cope's collecting old japanese rock bands for a documantation, but maybe i will be getting into this by the time i've grown lttle bit bit older...

speaking of japan, home of getting your beer from a vending machine and your throat cancer of cigarrette brands like 'peace' and 'hope' as well as to the strange habit of saying 'maybe' when you are actually tralking about 'maybe maybe, but rather not' as well as to some language bun will never manage to speak in 3 lifetimes:
hey, i got a link sent in to some trash unreal and there is an irritating japanese children series which unfortunately has not been subtitled yet.

so the only thing you will catch of the plot is a sign that apparently says "a little later" and as i have found out through heavy investigation is the title of the series translates to something like "gimme gimme octopus" - I understand that this is a rather common cry for food inna country that feeds itself on whales and even worse poor dolphins!

but after all julian cope is the godfather of all bloggers for as he started his own blog head heritage very soon after the internet had gotten accessible for the larger public.
soon after he had started referring to himself as julian or simply "the archdrude".

from then on he spent most his ressources on wrtiting the modern antiquarian, which would be the fifth best book in the world, rather than sending all his favourite bunnies including my very self postcards telling of his and his family's whereabouts - usually near some welsh stone stircle. writing this i am being reminded that i gotta contact him for an interview for Looking For Kohl soon - i think his address was somewhere on the envelope but I can't seem to find that anywhere....

if i can't find it i should contact cope over his myspace internet page but i don't think that this will work because he obviously never looks up any postings up there. and he's got the best myspace homepage i have ever seen since visiting my own myspace profile.
and take a look at that shit teardrop explodes myspacepage the owner of which gives good old rose the chance to show to the world the proper spelling of the word 'definately' and apart from m that wants her cash for a very dubious live recording.
but i am getting sleepy now and thus I'll leave you with a cool video by those loonies killing joke with another fine example of their obvious misinterpretation of lord of the flies, and it seems to be like... that most people still live in that age... and not in an age of jefferson airplane which was a better one cause it had more white rabbits in it like on the very picture right here, the link to i got through some forced delivery
go off to cornwall and try to hug a standing stone somewhere onna green field but beware of the bulls coming after you once you've hopped over the fences - and take care and watch those ley lines, will you!

yours haselore

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