Tuesday, 24 November 2009

last train to barfly

dag nasty means exercisin' a field day and that means hanging around with some of the heavyweights like ale krause and here & there making myself a name and an extra coin by keeping an eye on some gear during transport - well, you know how it works... hanging out and talking bollocks... i mean seriously discussing the very nature of true heavy rock!

as well as mr. v. repeatingly playing his flipper records and shouting "don't care anyway, don't listen to what u say, this song rhymes and we'll play it in time! powwwwwww!!!"

because mr. V. thinks that flipper are the key to all that's heavy, as mr. v. of the infamous hier krepiert quartet usually only listens to band like man vs. nature and goldstar - but sometimes he does find his copy of power of expression between the collection of garbage he calls a tight housekeeping! ... and sometimes he has got a clue cause he stated that flipper only were any good before will shatter had his fatal accident with some narcotics he found near the kitchen sink.

which I think is a lot better than an accident by electric guitar cause you don't have to wear rubber boots on stage in order to avoid an accident like this and even worse: you could die with rubber boots on your paws which is not exactly as described in high noon but more like a situation that's looked up on by others as not very cool. with will shatter flipper had this cool hit everybunny knows and that i just cannot stand unless somebun puts it inna live remix together with Timetothink/SAD by those once excellent flag copycats bl'ast (who later turned hawkwind devotees with the help of lots of cool drugs but without kip duvall and an overall production that makes ca. 1981-era the fall sound like fucking soundgarden to your ears.

try to mix these songs down at home, if you have got the necessary equipment and both the albums, but as i would need 2 computers to mix those two tracks (that i do not have at home) i hardly ever play the song...

the atmosphere got heavily loaded: partially due to the relatively cheap alcoholic bevarages from the next DIY shop, partially caused by my loose tongue that cursed mr. v. for the technically inferior quality of his guitar playing and how never changing nor tuning the strings would neither do the group sound any favours nor help to improve it in the long run...

... what gave mr. v. very good reason to generally question the righteousness of my very motives in telling him that he's a shit guitar player - and that he were just trying to get together

Barfly live at J-Day August, 13th 2009 @ cafe glocksee

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the next barfly (who will be the topic of one of my up and coming posts)
and he was very surprised about my knowledge concerning bands and all that stuff...

but unfortunately i also told him that his musicians were - looking at the long run - to expect a better career and more dosh by playing in my group.
...much better than carrying on ripping off more second rate flipper basslines, some fishwife riffs and stooges beats. ...and i also told him that nobun would want to waste precious space in the rooms where they keep their record collections with product by a technically totally inferior band and that hier krepiert definately would never get a contract from anybun!

in shock he sat still for a couple of moments, but just a tad later he tried to poke me back and this time by - surprisingly enough - trying to hit with some kind of rhythm stick he found and i went duck and cover inna second!

after a few drinks we became good buddys again - but a little bit later i started again, slagging him for his rather boring arrangements on the four strings...

ut he just turned to me and gave me a squaddy's yes mam and he spoke to me "was der scheiss does you eigentlich know, meine liebe frau kohl!?!"

I'd be off for now but here's even more flipper that I could just escape by having the boys watch homer simpson's favourite. and that really put the guys in a purple haze of sweet depression because they will never make it this far - but here i should pass the mic over somebun else: "ladies and gentleman, the hottest band in the world!"

I'll go to bed now and leave you with some kleenex and nevermind that part in nice where there singing about 'em bleedin' pink dogs so and here' s a cut of their 7" backed with some cool live scenes where you can even see marlene marder and her vocals sure sound funny, don't they!

but i think that they were the best band ever to come out of switzerland, at least up to what i know about this country's bands...

yours, haselore

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