Thursday, 12 November 2009

der german geisterbahn

2 weeks ago my friend spidey took me out onna trip to a helloween party at der "big squat".
that's how most of my fellow englishmen call the place with the blue wall because they don't know any better - but me, well i sure do! so went in the horror mask of a german, by far the most horrible creature in recent history - if bun believes the sun and other tabloids. I do. Going out to a party dressed up as a kraut, now that's what will get you lots of newlymade friends who will cheer you up over the whole evening and buy you endless amounts of alcoholic bevarages - except for when you are a member of the royal family or the prime minister himself of course. Or an Irishman.

der sprengel used to be an old chocolate factory. in the past it has been the scene of many exciting riots including the big un in 1995 and those smaller ones in 1994,1996 and 2000 but that was long before i got here so you will have to look it up here apparently the man at the door did not recognize me in my cool mask and so i had to queue up in line like any other odd blad from the suburbs
but any other blad was alright and i had a nice chatafter what seemed like a billion hours of waiting it was my turn to take a ride on der Gesiterbahn!
I had thoughts about my own possible untimely demise....
.. and indeed i was shocked when a carcass rotting next to myself all of a sudden began to movethe trip ended with your humble editoress getting some shit injected by an unfriendly doctor - and me, I was so drugged up that on my way out I slipped on the wet floor and I hurt my ankle and had to creep to trapdoor fucking exit on all of my four paws like a bleeding worm...
and so I left that freakscene down there at der sturmglocke and moved on to do some more seriously executed investigations any where but there. I just went on for another meeting with drug revivaland look what a greaser i am and where this got me to...
in the following hours or should i rather say following minutes the drug revival got heavily loaded together with the phonogramm lot and the evening ended a bit messy. by 3:55 AM i had ended up as the main character in a cool video documentary about ale krause who had soon passed out after having layed his tracks to hard disc and thus the documantary shows him relaxing and his musicians doing what's necessary
just click here

keep your musical taste clean of all the bullshit they try to con you with out there in the great wide open - just like I do! but i am getting tired again and and will be off for now and i will be back with my piece on the freeze,
hopefully very soon, yours haselore

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