Wednesday, 4 November 2009

boy wednesday

yes indeed i went off to meet my friend varela and the hier krepiert quartet and guess what - i met my friend spider as well but i could not stay for too long with the band as me had a late-night appointment with DJ clowni for a possible feature for Looking for Kohl and I got meet her old man and my friend GT who served her drinks and always takes care for my beautiful self so very well when the Queen Been (pictured below at her best) is not in da house with me but is off DJ-ing somewhere else and chasing other bunnies and believe me i had a sick disco nite out with her and the rocket but that's the topic of one of my next blogs...
on an old hard-drive i have found a cool video i am going to show here - my pal TM playing der Muell by the Hier Krepiert Quartet and see ale krause who played later on that very evening that was the farewell show by mrs. moggat in the background getting his gear together for his set

I think he got instigated to parody my pals from the hier krepiert quartet by a crazy arab who himseldf got fired up and filmed in his wicked actions by walter. they stole some of my explosives and ignited them in front of the larger public outside of the bei chez heinz

and here's another one later in the evening 2/3 of the heavily loaded DR vocal section having fun with my beautiful self

so will you please enjoy my beautiful self, yours haselore

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