Monday, 16 November 2009

the Freeze from Boston Not UK

it only has taken me three months to redo my story about how I met up with the Freeze from Boston who toured germany in... well back in july or about that time of year.
anyways the Freeze back in the day they had a rather brilliant first record where there is all my faves on like pig hunt, nazi fun & megawaki cult and they had a good second album called rabid reaction but i never listen
the lads got me into their car and it was a case of brewtality or 'drugsforthedriver' as maggots from avon used to put it before chasing themselves around placed with barstools and puking into Wild "Johnny" Finch's stupid hat. back to the drivers - both of them got heavily loaded so I would rather not publish any of the very hot details here cause these guys - you know, they gave me something like a paid vacation regarding this trip
after I had the cool shot with myself & marcos from agrotoxico done you can see here elsewhere I dated cliff hanger of the freeze for an interview after there set and he was really friendly with me and he did introduce me to his side kick but i could not understand her name properly and i did not really ask for a second time, but I think it klarabella
the way to the interview was somehow shitty and paved with thorns and honestly i was not really sure at some given point (documented in the photograph below) if cliff was still interested to get the interview done at some point and the presence of that cow klarabella just threatened to ruin the otherwise good atmosphere - and even here on that pghotograph where he#s not talking to her it rather looks like he's doing an interview with an idiot who just saves up for some new speckies and badly needs some attention directed onto his second rate heavy rock band from sarstedt he probably made up in 6th form
unfortunately i am just getting sleepy again, so i will post the actual interview with cliff and bill and more cool details on the show later this week. means you will have to wait for those revealing details that i got informed of just by hanging around near and on the stage for long enough after the show untill I got at least bill's full attention...speaking of buddys who know how make a guitar sound really cool inna rock band, just click here for a link to Tom Lyle's old band and it's their best lineup with Jay Robbins and Pete Moffat and if you wonder why the singer looks like a madman that's because he is John Stabb and if you could actually hear the smashing opening chords of 'understand' onna video they'd basically have the same effect on you as looking at a 100 exploding lava lamps - the very same effect that this recording here of 'mad at myself' inna same cool 1988 lineup could have on yourself - just click here! ... and this time you can even hear Tom's cool guitarsound only second to pal TM's of course! but never mind talking bollocks - enjoy!

yours, haselore

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