Thursday, 21 January 2010

three chord wonders

today i am taking some lessons on the toy piano and i was going to be the next cool gaye advert - but rather on the bass pedals not on the four strings - so that i can play a bit of a melody as well..!!!
and my cool plan was that before i will meet up with a real organ i would train my skills on an instrument that's a bit easier to play! .. and what i found out is that it is real hard if not impossible to get a proper chord out of this thing here!

i would not mind the missing third cause i was just aiming for the open fifth (and by the way i only got two paws anyhow! plus the magic word powerchord alone makes the fur on my spine stand up inna row. but it would not work as somehow any sounds i got out of the instrument seemed to consist of the roots only and that's just not the same as the undertones sound like... well... i am trying on - this has got to work at some point even if i was told it were only a monophonic instrument and i still have to look up what that actually means, but later on, not know...

cause know i stll gotta practice for some time and in the coming days i will have to finish my cool interview with hot black desiato of hostages of ayatollah fame und i gotta check out if i can jump somebun else's flipflops...

well, see you around, i'm going to have a cuppa and carry on practicing hard!

laters, yours haselore

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