Sunday, 30 August 2009

blame it on the other kinder - lessons in politics unit VII

I know that the lamb broke the seventh seal but i am not sure what exactly happened then after - probably it had something to do with some horns and lots of fire raining down from the skies....
as i have mentioned joe jackson in my last blog one of those songs is evil eye. it has a very good rhythm and it does not remind me of the guy on the poster at allI think you can acquire it through the soulseek bootleg file sharing network very easily - and on the soulseek you can have funny conversations just between somebun who calls her self appropriately wargodt_22* and some buddy who calls himself nasum2.0** like this one here - trash breeds trash the saying goes....

[Wargodt_2.2] share some files cunt!

[nasum2.0] wtf

[Wargodt_2.2] might have a digital accident someday

[nasum2.0] digital accident?

[Wargodt_2.2] now what a computer is cunt?

[nasum2.0] Yeah, I dont know what a "digital accident" is??

[nasum2.0] Cunt?? Are you from the uk?

[Wargodt_2.2] i understand you re from the us or some other shit third world loser country

[nasum2.0] Why are you being such a prick?

[Wargodt_2.2] cause you're acting like a dick

yesterday i went to see cave canem, november 13 from hannover & fall of efrafa and i got good seats during these three sets that made the only good shows with three bands i think i have ever seen in my life!
but more about that on one of my later postings when I will get into full detail about this very exciting evening - and also about the day before when cyness from potsdam played - on both days i failed to do any interview cause all the bands were so shy! probably they were not interested in what basically ends in a reference for the dole office and similar other possible employers - i made myself independent from these and am developing my skills on the glockenspiel rather and get my career both as a writer of fine essays and as the head of an engineering company for fine instrumental music and rather become a traveller nut not a peasant cause honestly I do not think that jah the almighty has created me to serve other, much cooler purposes and check out my new way cool dresses that were made by dem girls of almighty 32 crash studios - thank you again JS, TM & HJL for your support and i hope to get in enough donations on any account that is willing to pay for that polish IOU but I need to get an account first which is very expensive when you don't want to have it running through your books cause you need to bribe somebun else first to do it for you properly

find them - grind them - yours, haselore

* name has been changed for the obvious reasons
** name has not been changed as buddy is a complete wanker and i think that any bun on the internet should now abot this wicked man from the land of holy war!

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