Sunday, 16 August 2009

in the linden

last month - to be more exactly in the july of zero 9 - i went on a long walking excursion over the river into linden or rather lindien as it is usually called within the boundaries of the real hannover because linden, you now, it has mostly negative aspects about it:
first off, in linden people there are so poor they have to build their homes out of the trash other people mercifully throw them onto their premises...

next off linden is really overcrowded and loud and amost everybunny down there pretends to be a computer expert or alternatively is selling fancy electronic devices from out of a little cornershop or just out of a carbooth or even directly from the street!

but luckily people there are not this poor that they would not have any means of transport.
yes indeedy! they have!!
... and they got really very nice german cars!!

but last not least not a lot at all is allowed to do for you in linden and you must always be very careful not to step into some pile of dogshit or broken glass with your bare paws!

but i think it is great that they have a river and some boats to look at.
it gives me a deserved break from all those stupid trainspotting activities.
and i am sure you would not want to go into the linden if you're from out of town!
and you do not have to because i will do for you even if it stinks!!
because i am on a career path that makes me face even the deadliest striking challenges!
if you could just keep on checking looking for kohl for regular updates of the newest trash industries in inden and you will do yourself a favour and keep right on track with the latest and hottest news about this fucked up part of the city!
what i had in mind while i was strolling down the dirty streets of linden was the lyrics to inner conflict - one of the very controversial offerings by some later playgirl's bun of the month's band. nahh - just kidding I don't like them at all - nah kidding you again! yours, haselore

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