Friday, 7 August 2009

meeting the bow men down at silke arp bricht

yesterday hasmuth and me went off to the silke arp bricht. we were gonna check for ourselves if walter had put up my promotional posters inna way i had told him to onna saturday!
it was recognized that it they had been hung up properly inna both of the club#s washrooms
but doubts arose.... in the end i weren't so sure i had corrected all the spelling mistaked
then all offa sudden the bow men arrived onna scene and we all went down to the club's basement where the stage is.
soon hasmuth and me found a very good place for just hanging out and waiting for whatever was going on next!
and not a lot was going on - what happened was that the group were endlessly negotiating with one the promoters of that fine club. this mostly in regard of topics like what drum set was gonna be used, who were gonna bring it and what special sort of strings would have to be used onna bass guitar when playing down the silke and more things like that...hasmuth & me had actually checked the drum kit and to us it looked alright.

lucky us: their so called 'soymeat sausages' that they had odffered to us had all gone hours ago ana understand that they would not have contained any soy at all but much rather some dead animal's fat, guts & bones. I am not really sure if I ever want to go there when there is a show going on and the bands have to be fed!
the Franz Wittich show onna last saturday must have been really promising for the shape of punk to come down this club because the FW's 7" EP was sold openly in front of the club to some bums, oops s orry i mean buns that hung out there
we hung out there with them for like half an hour more and then we went home. I was out to meet my friend sici - or "the spider" as hasmuth calls him but what was really gonna happen later this evening is another story for another of my goofy posts via my fucking mypsace music profile
as for my playlist for this nice day - well the sun is shining brightly out of my arse and after seeing that silke place it should most probably be discipline by the throbbing gristle and the love canal by flipper

have a heavy weekend, yours haselore

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