Friday, 28 August 2009

got to meet up with Marcos and Agrotoxico waiting for the Freeze

on one of those hot sunny afternoons in july i went to my friend RT's place at infamous Hopfenweg again and I sat there well protected from the sun and I finally got him to teach me some more german. in the evening then I got a ride to verden, once the place of a big beheading of some hundreds saxon leaders refusing to betray there native gods and rather facing a very cool and stylish death that even got them into the history books! a double paws up for being this cool in an age of old gods but new masters!
... and I took advantage of my newly gained german language skills and I well impressed my fellow traveller's with my newly learned german slang standards.
... like "nuh!" and "assclaw" - used when greeting somebun you meet onna street!
having arrived at Verden I was eagerly waiting for the freeze but then it turned out that Agrotoxico were their support so i went in and i got to see a band fast tight and aggressive I got wound up in their music though I thought I were not interested to see them at all at first
mighty Agrotoxico from brasil made all hell go loose onna stage you know they were like der volle bratze in deiner fresse .....
sadly I did not get any videos sent in of this show by Agrotoxico, but at least i got a few rare seconds by the Freeze that I have put on here....
the whole band was one of these very powerfull units like e. g. acao direta who are going directly for your guts with straight and slightly metal tinged hardcoretheir drummer was going nuts and playing like some mad rabbit - but he was much tighter than that - sorry absolutely no pun intended here!
after the show I met up with there charismatic guitar player marcos and was was so heavily impressed by this handsome young bun I forgot to squeeze an interview out of him, aber ich mache das nächste mal, o.k?

enjoy yourselves over the weekend and have einen schönen guten abend - i will have the Freeze interview posted soon right here onna internet, Yours Haselore Kohl

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