Thursday, 13 August 2009

haselore vs. beyond pink at world inferno

your humble editoresse will have to keep it short as she will be off for J-Day within the next few seconds because bun's gotta try out her cool new tailor made dress but needs to get some skins from the cornerstore first. bun nows that you would love to finally get to read the interview with brian viglione of the WIFS but you must excuse her as for not really being a fast writer these days and it's toohard to keep track with the modern age where everything and especially people's demands are changing so very fast!

so to make up with that -here at least are the pictures from when your humble editoresse met beyond pink from the nice country of yugosverige also called "the land der lächelns". but in the south country we don't call it this way. as bun got taken out to the show by los bros. krause of phonogramm fame this time their never changing I-just-go-for-another-beer habit made sure that we missed beyond pink's set completely!

yours haselore

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