Tuesday, 18 August 2009

if she cannot watch Kanal von Haselore she watch channel zero

I have opened up my own news channel finally now!
It is on the you tube cause it is cheap and offers means to censor ship the stuff that is being put on there and that's good cause I would not like any kids like wee J.K. get morally damaged by seeing anything this disturbing as a barfly set at J-Day!
I will call it the "Kanal von haselore" - i think it does not sound this bad at least better, than if it was just called the "Kanal von Kohl"!

first off within the next days you will be able to watch the complete set by barfly there except for some cut off minutes off the boring doom metal song due to space limitations on my screwed up memory disk - and it comes directly from cafe glocksee's J-Day on august 13th, Zero 9.

next after that i am going to putting on some video recordings by hermelin from some last months tuesday at cafe schlocksee

but to be honest, who needs yesterday's tuesdays? nobunny in the world...

yours, haselore

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