Tuesday, 11 August 2009

spray paint the walls

earlier on the day the world inferno friendship society came down from the usa to us here in hannover I relaxed well before the interview with their charismatic lead singer jack "o'ferno" place i chose was the old conti tires factory building where nothing's fucking left except for maybe some heavy cutting machine i could not carry out on my last visit and some holes in the ceilings i paid x-tra special attention to not hop into by accident
here in hannover right know where i have been living since zero 6 i thought I could get more into the direct action thing as talk minus action is said to equal zero.
so I&I went out to find some inspiration by cool slogans already made by other artists and soon saw my very self putting some heavy statement on a gray concrete wall - just like this in the picture - and to get some props from the sisters from round the block
so i looked up some german in what i thought was a proper dictionary and hit the streets on ground x soon after and then I just started off getting things done!
well, honestly i&i had had a little smoke to cool our selves down and we must say that we really have no memory to what could have happened inna process of just getting some grassroots politics done and havin' our bleedin' say!
and even worse I&I began to attract the attention of the better part of the local public and it did not look like at all as if they were going to give me handshakes for my piece!
in the end I was glad not get to hear the sound of ficki ficki by accident cause I could've gotten nicked the boys in blue or much worse bumped into some slumlord from 'round here when leaving the wetpainted spot inna hurry!
because the slumlord is an evil man and there is many of them cause slumlord is a very common profession not only around this area of the city and once the slumlord will get you into their big hands they will take your money and and will strap you of all your assets and possessions, so beware of this wicked breed, as for compared to the species of the slumlord even the specials from the fürther defensive regiment are really kind men!

surprise surprise, my playlist is police car by the rejects.
going out now to check myselves before I&I wreck ourselves yours, haselore

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