Wednesday, 23 September 2009

boy its the nachwehen...

..of king varela#s 32nd birthdayboy.
man, that really was "the big un" and I almost fell unconscious after a 1/3 bottle of the lindener my friend I. (as usually she's one of the infamous girls from the drug revival) had forced down my throat....
but when I got really tired and sleepy from the beer i went off to sleep next to Mr. V's under panties that were obviously made from some dead predator#s skin. cause she was dead i well liked it there onna Mr. V.'s chaise longue - and I got to do some cool photographs of Mrs. V. - btw. as you might have already guessed one of my fave bunnys - but she has not yet given me permission to use them on my blog. so you won't find her in any deadly erotic or rather esoteric poses behind the clear spanish walls of slumber at the v.'s home. ... then I was well shocked as I.'s infamous groupie mr. X came in and guess what he was wearing! not his usual 30.000 Kollegen Hoodie but rather one by infamous ripp offs and gema affiliates die boxhamsters
when i got up again i stumbled half blindly into der Glocksee Keller to check if my bassplayer was doing fine and was working on my new tracks - but all he was doing was a fucking drug revival with some other chaps and he was not recording my new disco smasher - i even gave my copy of the handbook to that creep TM but he won't neither read this important piece on music management.

funny that TM was trying out a new guy on the vocals and this guy was very friendly with me. and best thing is: he made some refreshing comments about my new cool nail polish and i felt like a young bun of 16 years again once again. btw that guy - i forgot his name again - is a plumber so i hope to save a bit of dosh when getting him to do some installations in my flat...
have a better day than me, i am getting sick again and I will have to go to bed again!!

yours, h.

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