Sunday, 27 September 2009

der Aktien schützen

boy it was election day today and i am glad by only participating onna vocative basis and have hasmuth make a call for a long portion - in this case give my favourite bunny a good position so that everything will stay the fucking same forever and mr. putin staying over on his side of the irn crtn.
everything will stay the same for as long "the most powerfull woman in the world" (wikipedia) will stay in this position - so hopefully for at least another four years so that belsen will finally get some gas - and we will bow down low to those ex-commie lot and get our charcoal and uranium from those very effectively organized slave labour camps down siberia for the next couple of years. and as for my beautiful self now....
i am old and tired and i don't trust things to be changed by somebun who can't even spell his own fucking language - and that's for sure worse than being a buddy!
play some Hammerhead because the Hauptsache is SPD - but you will not find that onna internet - at least i so far could not... but i found the show from hamburg hafenklang in november 08 which is o.k. I think - they are good lads and they had herr walter sleep backstage and even had a hoody stolen for him and they gave him some drink and a comfy place to sleep in - when that idiot missed the point the DJ's called it a lets fuck off from here and had to wait for another 4 hours in the freezing cold with just a shirt and a harrington on. worst of all the prick did not even get me an interview... ....but onto quoting some bun else - like usually right here on this cool blog:
"die Chefs schützen - der Aktien schützen - das Recht schützen - den Staat schützen - vor uns!"
see you soon somewhere hopefully but don't let me catch you spraypainting the walls near my home, cause these fumes are so very toxic and i can tell you i just had some - off to sleep now, yours haselore

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