Saturday, 26 September 2009

saturday#s kids

today saw my very self visiting langen- hagen car boot sale again to buy some well needed furniture and some more interior decoration..
i tried to go for one of die volksempfängers as for hearing proper live news about he dsc arminia bielefeld at alm on the Nordeutsche Radio and what's much more important any exciting news from my fave team and how there doing at upton and away.

on that squaddies show on the BFBS, if that still exists here in germany as the squaddies have all pissed off towards kandahar or other third world loser places to play catch-a-bullet doon there.
but meine teure volksempfänger would not work, when i tried it out and so i would take it back which was a horrible lot of work i can tell you!
and I had to prepare my dress for the coming day - which ist eine reine Ferientage cause it is election day and it's about my fave bunny inna german political scenery and as well she is the most powerful women on earth so really want to becoeme her good friend and I might be able to give her some advise for a better housekeeping.
speaking for myseelf personally - she was the only reason to instruct my jerry friends not to x the election form anywhere as i would advise to do usually but only once and for this time - to put her to power for four more years even if this means collaborating somebun else who I don't have any respect for cause he is a fucking bigot who should be sent to work somewhere in moldavia but not here. but its for that russian guy putin who she is feeding bits out of the palm of her hand and guess what? he goes for it! so i hope she will save me the honor of ending up in an uranium mine somewhere in siberia
i am old and tired and i don't trust things to be changed by somebun who can't even spell his own fucking language - and that's worse than being a buddy!

as for the real saturday's kids, here is a video of the best R'n'B Band inna whole world live at the old grey whistle test

see you somewhere hopefully but don't let me catch you spraypainting the walls near my home, cause these fumes are so very toxic and i can tell you i just had some - off to sleep now, yours haselore

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