Monday, 14 September 2009

tell me why i don't like mondays

it's time for a revolutionary change and this is by far the most egotistic weekend that i have ever had!cause you can now meet my beautiful self through almost every digital social self marketing network channel there is out there onna internet! - myspce is a chance to net your music for no hosting fees - and to lose your precious time inna million totally useless features - but you can listen to my band on there - and youdeadgaypornmoviestube dot com is just the same business but with loads more on the video front and some mp3s you might find over the links - but the good point is that you can find my videos on there - funny i don't know what service this is about after all - probably this is about marketing your ego and collecting real pictures of some bun who shifts sacks of rise in the kantonese speaking region of tibet - sadly this platform makes some of the ladies over the 25 YOA bench mark look older than they usually are - so i put on a blurred photo there to make myself a bit older - because I a'm just a regular girl like just like any bunny else and so i do just the same things! - i really have no clue what this is all about . i just read about it on somebun elese's internet and thought that I should share my lifewith other people because as for my life is very interesting! but i am getting sleepy most ly before i get to type anything in there - stefan has made up this profile in behalf of my beautiful self. cause they kicked the first one off the net for not being appropriate or some other stupid reason that is not fair! maybe i can make a business contact there but it hardly looks like as i have found out in the meantime that my friend RT called this platform's quits shortly before us had me sub put on there!

and then i went to pose for photographs down at drug revival's evil practice space - i did not get to meet sly for reasons nobunny could explain to me, but i met up with there new missus bassplayer who called herself the KEP or whatever and I got to pose for some photographs with her later that evening. but I think some of you could find these offensive, so that i rather not print them here but some others that though they do not show any of the naughty bits are alright for know!

my playlist: it's don't do drugs by julian cope but i forgot if this was just a loop inna song or a complete song but that comes out the same anyway! here's a review on his new black sheep album but i have problems reading it cause walter's off to the store

yours haselore kohl

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