Monday, 21 September 2009

the Tooth Fairy and the Princess

i went there to meet her and get more inspiration for my song and to find a new band there possibly - cause the old one's nort properly working as for my high ambitions - and right now at the moment I don't know how to finish my musical piece on the angela.
but I think I was like one day or two days too late - or she just did not like the politics that were going there with the former SED party led by sandra wagenkecht (who - funny enough tries to bulid up an horrible image of herself somewhere between a suffragette and a regurar turkish immigrant girl in germany from the nineteen nineties- though she is like 40 YOA now and poor old rosa did not even make it up to her 3oth birthday) when I waited for angela to fucking show up actually!
... but maybe she had a flat on the way or something like this - but you wot gotta do really is to listen to this song here and also i got a funny video by these guys that's right here and somewhere near that there's even a second part.

moustache apparently still means a lot of respect, yours haselore

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