Friday, 18 September 2009

Das Große Nutrition

some of my jerry friends are not fond of english dishes at all which is a real shame in my opinion that i think should be corrected in the german preschools already. ... as for when britannnia is going to wave the rules again, then we will finally find regular bread in the shops there in germany... ... or much rather here in germany again and not that shit that they call "toast".
one of the fritzen who does not mock me up regularly for being into low-fibre nutrition that gets spiced up with a litlle mushy pea and a bit of a baked potato chip is walter my translator and co-editor. as for my self being more into the vegan than into the half-carnivorous lacto-the fuck-whatever-vegetarian lifestyle walter follows blindly as a sheep, I really would not want to eat the cheese & egg that got prepared for walter the other day myself. walter says that his throat gets sour when he has any sort of beans inna red sauce after 7:30AM, very probably because he does not now even the german word for a heartburn. but he also said he usually never gets up this early so it is not too much of a matter for him any which way.
in germany, when somebun goes out to buy some fish with chips i think it is not cool that bun does not get to pick from any of the really exciting stuff.
but it's funny that they serve it along with some kinds of mixed lettuce and a bit of a tomato and cucumber in a spicy sauce which makes it a decent meal for me for me, if i leave the fish from the plate and go for ketchup instead of mayonaise.
but even funnier is that any bunny else'd throw the green stuff away so i usually not buy any servings to throw the fish away but play it cool and the other other way round - think this is boring? it sure is!
so i will leave you now with one of the best of links on earth - it shows my friend CK with one of his cool bands in 1996 at the buntes haus celle near hannover.
in this case it's infaust who were one of the best bands ever to emerge from hannover. some of the guys later have been playing in cave canem and bringer absturz and up to my knowledge they still do. but off you click from looking for kohl onto the cool Infaust video
blimey, it#s getting really late again now so that i will be missing mr. midleton from perth who a mere 15 years ago would have neither made it out of his fish & chips stall in scotsland nor made it to the cafe glocksee - just like me - so he's gonna interview me on the next time. and he's gonna ask me why I think that he just took the minor idea for his tune "we're all going to do die that you can find here almost unaltered from captain sensible. at least it very much sounds like this and captain sensible today must be selling hot dogs from a barn, cause he never wrote me back about a possible feature for looking for kohl!

have a great digestion yourself, yours haselore

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