Friday, 4 September 2009

king varela got a new orchestra

my sista Mrs V. has let me know, that her hubby Mr. V. - being one of my oldest and funniest pals in hannover, has a new out fit.
no, not a new leather strip alike thin black tie like that one she bought him for his 28th birthday...
varela got some older talent between 33 and 49 yoa into supporting him as the players of backing instruments and voices in his newly formed orchestra that so far has not been christened with a real name yet, most probably it will be called the King Varela Quartet
King Varela himself being by far the youngest of the bunch they are milking all the latest trends in violent rock and are truly ripping off helmet and drive like jehu what ever way they possibly can.
very much like a 2 or 4 paws up in the air fucking rock attack! if the king only were a few yers younger I'd instantly ditch boring Hasmuth and somebun else would have to stick her head between her legs and kiss her arse good bye,
yours haselore

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