Friday, 25 September 2009

perverse co. from US&A - boy are they shit !!!

I know i am a smart girl and good looking - not only with my cool'n'clever combination of some torn and burned flag but also with my way cool beanie hat that has saved my precious head from cold or sunburn for the last couple weeks yet! thanks to famous designer HJL!!
and today I wondered even more and i wondered why an american company - not to name them but they carry a model that's called something like "pervert no star" - and i started to wonder why these evil bastards were be throwing their garbage onto my streets - promoting some expensive brainless garbage shit for some spoilt rich brats from the linden (those idiots wearing on their heads what walter usually calls the "Linden Brille" like in Linden Species). bad cheap shoes without no prper soles stitched together inna hurry by a thousand bleeding little chinese children's paws just round the corner near kidsdowork, where I came from originally. and it is really sickening if you think of it...
what will the friggigng compensation be - the compensation for cleaning up their waste from in my barrio - so i will find out where there german main office is and do an interview what's it like stitching shoes together near kidsdowork in bun-chen...
... if i could stand her as a musician and singer I would go now and listen to some bettina wegner - you know my friend v. loves her but I can't really stand her - but you now the score she may be a nice person after all but it's just that i cannot stand her music and for me it sounds very much the same as the sound of a 100 dropping sacks of rice down in timbuktu - so I rather go listen to a nice one by brian setzer himself playing rumble in brighton tonight on a solo guitar - and there's also a totally different one by another dude who probably wants to be like him but I won't putta link here cause it sucks.

give a hoot, so to say, yours haselore

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