Saturday 21 March 2009

The single female copster and the horse she rode in on

I have been always very scary facing large animals so I could not go out to the so called chaos days action on October third, 2008 at Kopernikus/Hannover. But one thing I have always been very fond of are pictures with those lovely single female copsters on them (or as my jerry friends call them sometimes "die geile bullinen") - thanks to the friendly folks at epistrophy who provided me with a photo of one o'those jolly girls in blue (yes even in germany it is the girls in blue now...)

don't let that bring you down it's only punkerbutzen burning, yours haselore

Tuesday 10 March 2009


i was going to show a picture of some flowers i shot last may but this is not really working - oh no! now it is working!
great! here is the picture

yours haselore