Thursday 28 January 2010

blut im urin

recently i was out on the streets and i had a bit of a good luck and i found a german pissnelke

and i 'm sure that you all will like it because i think that it looks

yours, haselore kohl

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Child Abuse at Silly Fick Art #?


we are living in rough times - and especially for nutters because it looks that this is the age of zero tolerance for those and you might get a f'in bible struck up your bum by some greasy egotistic "punk" if you just listen to his senseless babbling for long enough... I just don't like any honkytonk reading to me from a bible cause they always leave the good stuff out like that thing about lot#s twisted wife and daniel down the lion's den and other cool topics that I am interested in and that bear a great deal of relevance and importance to my daily life - where only the fittest of the fittest will survive when babylon will finally come to a fall!!!

so the other week end i went down to der silly fick art number...?

well, dunno...I forgot.... never been to one of these before... but I think it was the 23rd of january zero one o....

i left the room with those ultracool and very inspiring carpets and i got dressed up properly but the drivers were to arrive late and the were pissed out of there dumb heads and they put me in a rucksack which is worse than being put in the trunk of a chieftain tank...

i did not get into the concert room early enough to get myself a better place than the one directly near the bar. the room was full of people watching and the so called drivers were only out to get more beer and get a good place for drinking but not for watching the band and listening to they're offerings. i got some entertainment out of some boring tour stories that my pals v and captain starlight told me who both had been playing in the last edition of the legendary goldstar and therfore got to know a lot of rubbish.

but time was up and I moved upfront to the stage to get a better view of child abuse's performance...

and indeed there I got a very good seat for watching and filming the band

it's funny that for the arrangements they make down there at der silly fick art the funny f-word that even the most stupid of all fritzens does understand is left out of the festival's name resp. gets abbreviated.

too bad i don't have a shot to prove this fact, but i was too busy working on getting the band's performance on hard disk

Child Abuse from New York City, they were a cool trio and as you can see on my cool vids they play some punk reduced to the basics of 1977 if it weren't that complex - at least that's what i have under stood is what they what label themselves if they had to but they wouldn't cause they hate f'ng labels just like i do myself!
... but when I had finally caught them for an interview the band's bassplayer and drummer had mysteriously disappeared from my view in the most of mysterious ways.
I got to talk to luke calzonetti the keyboarder and lyricist though ...and this is what he said:

HK: How old are you?
LC: 31
HK: Out of all the bands or projects you've ever played in what's your favourite song?
LK: when we had a band called MEH it was a cover by the Shagrats from England that were one of the original 60ies Punk Bands [shagrats, that's a good one, yours hk, humble editoress]
HK: How do you feel after the show?
HK: Tired

that's it! and now enjoy the encore cause that's been the finest piece that got played that evening and it's there encore! after the show some patchworked disco music got put on by tom smith courtesy of to live and shave in l.a. - but i got tired and i needed a rest very badly so i went to sleep...

the next day I heard from my pal v that somebun from queeny had been to the show. too bad i missed the opportunity for a meet'n'greet and a cool photograph; I had been hearing so much about that mysterious trio that used to play shows in cool costumes and lots of make up along with bands like frank & me [btw: wot a cool name, yours h. kohl, smart editoress for LFK] and anal mustard.
so i will have to meet the queeny later!

but as you all should now by know: hard luck follows hard music,
yours, haselore kohl

Monday 25 January 2010

visions, and...?

once again my pal sly was celebrating one of her cool twenty-fifth birthdays and i got invited too. I thought that I would become something like the cool attraction of the evening in a no time - but strange enough: nobun really took any notice of my cool person nor reflected on my presence - not even the mirror on the wall! ... and all this in spite of my cool self maintaining some of the best personal internets there are out there!!!

then, just for the fritzens down her place i made some of the funny moves that us english usually associate with germany and we just love the fritzens for their cool humour and of course we would let them start WW III - if only they'd let us win the worldcup just once again!

... and obviously the fritzens do love my very funny and witty english humour and finally I was becoming the much adored star of the evening!

... and once the fritzens were pissed outta there heads inmidst of all that weirdness going on i even managed to got a short sequence for my planned documantation called "american hardbun" starring my very self on hard disc!

but, it's getting late know and i gotta go to bed soon - I got my piece on child abuse from new york almost ready now but i won't post that yet because it has yet to be finished..

yours, haselore

Sunday 24 January 2010

t.v. eye


i tried to help my pal v to fly the flag of well done promotion for what she calls her little blues dub orchestra

so i thought i could help v by posting some of the promo stuff her band was supposed to make up by there next practice up against the walls of my block...

... as anybunny else seems to have hung up there's already

or even already has marked some wall of there barrio with they're logo...

or just has spread dozens of stickers you'll never get removed from your door again!

but as for v's band... they are so dam'n lazy that they would not even move from the chair to stick up a f'in poster on there own front door so bun could get a clue about what's going on on the inside behind that heavy gate...

personally I think that v'll never get any proper lyrics pinned down cause she's too busy on the effects and only manages do cool logos - but no complete lyrics!

and all the others in the hier krepiert quartette - there hanging round all day long on they're very evil light blue coloured chaise-longue instead of practising on there instruments!

yeah sure they sing about the very important topics like garbage and how to handle it and they sure gave themselves really funny names but actually...

... i really began to wonder how far bun will come with by using a mere two powerchords for songwriting...

.. and i wonder even more what the product they sell and that i helped to promote is like when you get only two songs for 20 f'in euro bucks and that is about twenty quid in a more common currency than der euro...

.. because this makes about 10 pounds for one simple chord that does not even include a third!

but...: all possible thumbs up for this great idea that now puts me in the position i can finally get my own musical career, that is very important to me, back on the right track!!!

... because i don't wanna end inna rut nor do i want to do some badly paid dead end job!

.. but adding to the fact there just was no promo stuff finished by the time i had arrived very sadly bun is just not allowed to place her promo in most of the attractive places

so i quit that unpleasant job again - and not really unlike what most typical girls do - i'm off know playing some funny super mario style computergame.

... and later then when i retire after i have undressed from my loud clothing, have put my makeups off then soon I'll be found hopped off to bed already for a well earned time out from the shit i am stirring in so deeply week after week,


Saturday 23 January 2010

god save the queen

yeah i am gwtting back at flying the flag for my cool political ideology - for nothing and against most of everything...

as you know most political assumptions are utterly stupid not unlike the one here - but i am feeliong very investigative today and am know showing this even if it might not make me more popular or appealing to the larger public...

yours, haselore kohl

Thursday 21 January 2010

three chord wonders

today i am taking some lessons on the toy piano and i was going to be the next cool gaye advert - but rather on the bass pedals not on the four strings - so that i can play a bit of a melody as well..!!!
and my cool plan was that before i will meet up with a real organ i would train my skills on an instrument that's a bit easier to play! .. and what i found out is that it is real hard if not impossible to get a proper chord out of this thing here!

i would not mind the missing third cause i was just aiming for the open fifth (and by the way i only got two paws anyhow! plus the magic word powerchord alone makes the fur on my spine stand up inna row. but it would not work as somehow any sounds i got out of the instrument seemed to consist of the roots only and that's just not the same as the undertones sound like... well... i am trying on - this has got to work at some point even if i was told it were only a monophonic instrument and i still have to look up what that actually means, but later on, not know...

cause know i stll gotta practice for some time and in the coming days i will have to finish my cool interview with hot black desiato of hostages of ayatollah fame und i gotta check out if i can jump somebun else's flipflops...

well, see you around, i'm going to have a cuppa and carry on practicing hard!

laters, yours haselore

Wednesday 20 January 2010

just to get away

trainspotting down here gets boring...

but, where to go off to get away? dunno, enjoy the music

yours, haselore

Tuesday 19 January 2010

when the music's over...


 will sometimes start things off straight from boredom....

yours, haselore