Friday 31 July 2009

planet der affen - Franz Wittich

onna first weekend of june bun had a date with k-einon ana warprayer at the packebuh festival situated right inna lovely altmark for a drink ana little chat
bun have heard that all the english really fancy that place and are generally inna good and talkative mood while talking about the jerrys rumour has it that they can be watched falling over the tentropes there all night and that it only gets violent there very late onna last day. but buns driver very unreliably cancelled the trip onna short notice. so bun had to make a change of plans and she went down to the stumpf where franz wittich were supposed to play their record release show. when bun enterd the main room she met franz wittich drinking at the counter ana must say that she was very fond of the way he smiled at her - a very handsome man not unlike the jaques palminger character!

bun soon found a good place where she could the action ona stage quite well and got comfortable with some scotch'n'water she got offered by franz wittich - bun should soon get to now why he was offering her such heavy liquor! maybe cause of that stylish hardskin badge ?!

from her seat your humble editoresse could see the first band puris ani packing in their gear and giving UY's into the audience.

after the show bun met jo jo their drumnmer and was found posing just in front of two copies of the way cool franz wittich punk ist der geilste 7" on dpg. the dpg mainman told me that bun should write here that you could order it from epistrophy or pain of mind because dpg is rarely around and he does not know where or what pisstrophy is exactly

bun had promised to send the shot to jojo but she could not properly read his email adress and so my mails to him got returned!!

then it got time for franz wittich to start off at least the audience was telling the bassplayer to do so - so him and Andreas K got onna stage finally not before making provoking gestures to the audience - obviously being influence by anus dei and their actions onna stage

there was some older drunken honkytonk and look at the way cool infaust shirt he's wearing!

bun might mention the fact that the singer of puris dei made himself useful behind the counter - but he gots in lots of stupid arguments with a drunken audience!

and here's the playlist for today, and it#s savage circle & dope for guns by the ruts from the southall area in london...

have a nice one and be waiting patiently for more dark secrets about the franz wittich that y.h.e. will be revealing real soon! honestly!
yours haselore kohl

Sunday 26 July 2009

sieben - haselore vs. crowskin

it is the 26th of june in zero 9 and finally crowskin from potsdam are coming to town to play there very own brand of heavy doom metal. so I went down to stumpf and I got a good placed on the counter for waiting for the show to begin!

as I had arrived pretty late at the club I had missed the images who played the support slot.

luckily there is one photo of the other guitar player that walter had made. he said that the band had not been that good as they are usually and that he thought they made an impression on him that they were not really on the stage but elsewhere in time and space. maybe they just dropped some acid before the show or maybe they were just out of their heads as for something else, I just do'nt know..
then I wnet to sit on a table where I would have a better mic position in order to md the show.
also nice meeting matze who is like e main man behind b.i.e.r. - the group I posed for for a promotional shot once

at stumpf over the years they apparently have had lots of fine bands - faster ones like sick terror or audio kollaps, and slower ones like moho or infaust.
and none of them were GEMA affiliates because i am sure you are reading this because you have all the agents always in search of new sources of income
but my question is why take it from public when you can take it from your fucking members so why not raise the fees for gema mambers instead of taking it from the promoters. first answers to that you will get in one of my upcoming pieces on and you will name us by the trail of dead that is supposed to be released in one of my next blogs.
finally something started. it was ment to be a soundcheck and my favourite song got played and I got in a hurry getting it recorded. harmony of life has gotta very nice hookline if you like ths kind of heavy rock...
then nothing was happenening for quite a while - but finally they really kicked it off.
...all noisy flow, all massive sound, all heavy with lotsa cool & exciting breakes and screams like from a quartered hare and a pale horse facing extinction! i cannot really describe it as it is very personal and like a maelstrom of pure heavy rock with really harsh vocals. sometimes a bit too harsh for my personal taste probably as well as for the taste of thousands of other people not going to see crowskin except for myself and maybe 4 dozens lucky others....

so I ask you all to support this cool band and to buy there records that are unfortunately not quite as brilliant as their live shows - as there demo tape had been gone for long and their were no compact discs on offer neither t-shirts in my size i could not really support them financially! but when they do girl's sizes shirts down too my size i sure will do!!!

inna meantime please enjoy the blurred photographs of the band in full action at stumpf!! yes, i sometimes feel blurred mysterious these days too...

then in a quiet moment i could get hold of the band and they agreed to pose for a for Looking For Kohl - they all were a bit shy except for the mighty singer who turned out to mrs. alexandra von bolz'n famous german grinders the bolz'n. a fact that i only had found out later, thanks to my massive investigation into the subject helped by the internet.
when i mentioned it to walter he said he liked the older singer's voice betterm, that it fitted inbetter in with the crowskin's sound but the new singer was technically better and much much harder.
having revealed all these facts will you please have a look at the fine portrait of the unbeatable alexandra von bolz'n drinking water from a bottle on the left. it'sturned out a bit dark due to a real heavy mistake made by somebody in the technical department of looking for Kohl!

so after i had talked them into doing the pic we all smiled heavily into the camera for several minutes, but the photo came out very dark and blurred stil - just like most of the photos here in my piece about crowskin (thanks walter you prick and please don't blame it on what you always call the bad conditions for a photograph again!)

my memory cut out soon after the shooting and I remember if the last band played or not but I think I have recogized their drummer in one of the photographs above.
when i had regained control over all of my senses again, there still were members of the bands to be met gathering at the bar drinking heavily, talking about themselves and other things and in general were out to squeeze the promoter for any more free beers two was trying to squeeze some more drink out of the band's fridge that had just got filled up again and tried me best to be given sanctuary to give it a go by the promoter but in the end all he did do for me was: 1. to tell me was to get a life and 2. to make myself useful down the kitchen ...
... but only when i entered the room down there I realized what a mess there was to clean up and I justfucked off home to bed in the very next second! swear to the almighty emperor I will really think twice about wearing a skirt in public ever again - all it does to you is you have to the washup for some macho twat who is not any better than the one that I have sitting at home already listening to sleazy hip hop just to make me mad when i come home tired from the job at Looking For Kohl! bloodclot!
ask me for my playlist ana must admit that "harmony of life" has been playing on my mp3 player for the last couple of months now. all hail the mighty crowskin that they support bootleg file downloading - well at least I think so!
as i said I have made a live recording but it is not sounding very good because of all the drop outs caused by some low charged accumulators and so i think that crowskin have not fancied it too very much - well enjoy the music that is there and let me know what you think about crowskin and their heavy rock!

shine on you crazy diomands, yours haselore kohl

Thursday 23 July 2009

watchin' da neigbours inna hood

yes there is some strange folk out there when i'm strutting around the streets of my hood - lots of dogs not to forget the all loonies just hangin' around the narrow streets and even stranger is the people who live directly inna them houses that canalize those streets...

oh, and by the way speaking about nutties, here's me current playlist and this time it#s all music dun by real headcases from the US&A: massacre by government issue & paralyzed by black flag

see you soon onna internet! haselore

Monday 20 July 2009

the kings of dub rock second part

I hope I mentioned onna blog that jaques palminger is a very nice person anits just that I don't like some of the content he promotes with the music but thats got nothing do do with him as a person - cause when he recognized me inna audience he gave me a short nod with the head and something like a german version of a proper double paws up nevermind the difficult performance he was stuck to!
anam right now not so sure if i have mentioned here onna blog before that my advise to the kings of dub is rock to clean up their act and to seriously kick all the gay elements out of their show ana hereby mean all the apparent racist and inherent sexist element and do much less of a stupid joking and take even more of that existential stance because it is just that the contents won't live up to the musical performance

ana hope that the kings of dub rock read my piece very well and that they send me an mp3 cdr of this record that i found onna internet because they have good reason to do, so that I&I would not have to get them tunes off the internet in what usually turns out to be one of those lillegal download allnighters - where i could be traced back and then nicked and get seriously fucked by phonographic industry - cause the phonographic industry needs the money from the youths know to pay for all the shit they produce and to support a myth that is against all nature of all people inna society and that keeps millions of people in slavery to parasites allaround the world:

the totally queer concept of intellectual property that gives a shit about the realities of life out there and the developement of society inna whole!
but dem youths like me out there - they not gonne get fooled any longer and be fucked like sheep by that industry - and so after 50 years handing over our pocket moneys to some fancy record dealer we are just refusing to pay our pocket money to them for any longer and they can all fuck off and go die or stuff their fancy secrataries or a&r departments up their bums and sink with all their plastic shit and all their weak artists and all the crap they try to rip off the youth's money with! cause know somebun else is ripping off the youth and this time it#s for ringtones for there mofos!
but nosir, I won't follow their rules and yessir all that professional "music business" scum will be wiped off the face earth sooon and probably a lot faster than you can say "his imperial I likes his marley record"

ana hope that the kings of dub rock doesn't read on and find out that for the above explained reasons hasmuth nicked a copy of their cd inna media market.

and that hasmuth later threw away the original piece of evidence - but not before illegally transferring all the data from that cd on to yet another medium, a cdr in this case, and that he gave that to me for valentine's cause he nows that i prefer a heavy beat as long as it's not that stupid rap music he listens to himself and as long as he does not steal any pennies from my "hello kitty" purse to buy things like that!

shortly after the show I bumped innada Rita Blunck who in life looked even larger than onna stage to me. she is one hell of a jolly princess of underground music so I was real glad I could be onna photograph with her - just having seen her onna stage you would not think she was such a nice person as she then turned out to be: she was really cool meaning she let me have some of her drink and showed me her way mighty fx board!!

jaques palminger himself is a real gentleman. not only does he dress up like one even better is that bought me some long drinks - but he did not get into detail too much when he was asked about the financial details of this happening - but why should he bother to answer to that?

and why should I have bothered to tell jaques that i only was there to do the kings of dub rock caused i missed the sterne the evening before and as i have mentioned before - i like the musician who lost his teeth inna one a dem rock'n'roll jobs!

I also met up with some friendly frenchman ana also posed for a shot with him, but mind the tobacco packet.
cause when the frog had pissed off again, I just hung around the spot for just a little bit longer until i could sneak the packet in a a quiet moment. ... and that later helped me to bribe some body when talking the person into getting me home safely.

what I did not now by the time i met Jaques is that he once played inna dackelblut and was their drummer even onna fantastic first LP that I have mentioned elsewhere on my blog I think! ... ana just noticed that onna above link you mostly get some lame songs off the second album except for the one which is really good but of which i have forgotten the name.

but you can listen to the song waschengehn from the first album on some other myspace page (I forgot da URL again) butdo not listen to any other stuff there - e.g. there's trend put on and that's music that is just poor crap.

ana almost forgot: they also played Marieanna which is my favourite song by the kings of dub rock cause it very heavily reminds me of that old LKJ cover by Silvi & die Awacs, a band that you have very probably never ever heard of and you very probably don't really wanna get to now any better except for that one song on there one and only album which had a german title that i forgot.

ana was lucky once again cause after when everyone had gone for the backstage area I had the chance to meet up with the Viktor Marek again ana could talk him into my ever changing concept for the realization of a good photograph!
so look how me cool chillin' onna viktor marek's gear!

ask me for today's playlist ana dunno, probably just
dag nasty by dag nasty & maybe bring back the days by the embrace

enjoy the songs,
yours haselore kohl

Thursday 16 July 2009

meets the kings of dub rock inna firestation - to be continued

onna one of dem mondays inna june of zero 9 i&i went to the that big theatre inna city centre

because word had it that jaques palminger ana kings of dub rock were going to show up there and play a set I went dung deh so to say and I&I walked onwards ever backwards never through the big glass door inna big house supposed to be fulla culcha'N#stylees sipping wine

not that early arriving and waiting for like an hour or so for the show to begin... at least the promoter had had the very good idea to get some decoration for the stage and in this case everything was set up nicely

as it seemed to me palminger made that all important step towards a possible audience: he got one of the best producers (viktor marek in this case who does a very fine job for jaques palminger - possibly nobun else in germany could do! ("naturally except for dj rabauke" as hasmuth told me later, maybe I should listen to an Eins, Zwo - Record - but to be honest I don't think I ever will ever do)

back to topics the sound was really heavy, powerful & mighty. the rest is easily explained: apparently jaques palminger serves as the host that's got the band tied up strong to his game.

then all of a sudden all the girls showed up that were gonna try to hook up with the one Viktor Marek after the show and so they came up to the front of the stage - some of them could articulate themselves quite well ana followed the discussion that had developed between some of them: the queen been mentioning the fact that the woman who filled the role of the woman onna stage was really good in her role as the woman onna stage as she has an enormous voice ana beautiful presence on stage.

but also that very specific role she thought was nothing more thanutter crap: putta mommy inna dress ana short skirt and have her play some nice dummy ass to the public ana neither think that not even the lowest sunken one out of all of my sisters deserves to be shown inna public location like this!.
ana personally think that woman should keep her head always covered by a pretty hat like just like the ones that i am wearing as to prevent sunstrike cause it happened before that some bun was falling asleep inna hot afternoon sun & got a serious damage inna head!

dj la bomb thought that most of the palmingerian jokes had a beard longer than the rica blunck legs and very possibly were leftovers from the nineties ana hope that i did not misquote onna. luckily i do not understand that much german if any at all.

but for sure i noticed that some people got a bit upset due to the reason there was something racist being said against the austrian race and how creepy and they were ana bit more stuff like that. ana remembered the book about lenny murphy and how he put all the micks on one side of the room ana prods on the other but i will go more into detail about that piece of nonfiction later somtime onna internet.

now i gotta leave you ana hope to be back sooon with the kings of dub rock continued but onna friday i will go to see the turbostaat for sure!

as for today#splaylist this time it is money by embrace - yes i know there singer that good but we all now that there something more about and that we get like half an ignition from it, but must recognize the three parts of faith about it and therefore accept all the wicked things that come down along with it.
unfortunately you will not get to hear this onna internet link i have set for you, but you can hear give me back and cant't forgive and they are really good songs too!

enjoy the song, yours haselore kohl

Saturday 4 July 2009

god save us from the USA - this time for real

hence my playlist for the day

X - fourth of july

eternally yours, haselore

Wednesday 1 July 2009

me inna linden

after i was not feeling too well onna tuesday I went off to the broncos club at linden, the same place where alexander krause & phonogramm played a show onna tuesday evening and where hasmuth had his grand day out and I thought i was gonna go there.

perhaps i was gonna meet those girls from that disturning photographic evidence there and have a talk with them to find out about what hasmuth did not tell me when he was bragging about this evening and what his "clever moves" he showed off with actually had been all about...
but I did not have any luck with it, nobody was in there, even the members of the band had already been gone, only one of margodt's other assistants was still there heavily working when i arrived but he did not have any time for me so i just stuck to the fridge for a few minutes to cool dow and do a bit of a chilling.

after i had relaxed there for a few minutes, i left broncos place and went to see the building site where the old bridge over the river ihme once was.

ana sat there inna sun for a few minutes thinking about why linden looks so shitty and creepy as bradford does, minus all the real big victorian houses and theatres of course.

but it's alright with me because bun can leave the linden any time she or he wants to and go to some real place because hannover is not that big...

finally my current playlist ana hope you will like some of the songs:
buddy holly - it's alright
dag nasty - field day
the undertones - you got my number/here comes the summer

yours, haselore