Wednesday 30 September 2009

boy wotta hard time

as you might guess i am a big fan of nirvana and the works of kurt cobain especially his last work in april of 1995 though it got a bit messy for frances bean and mrs. love to do the necessary cleaning up afterwardsas i have recently investigated on some rare footage that i hoped would give a clue about the details of his untimely demise - guess what i found - some bouncer with a good reason to finish kurt off once and for all - but see for your beautiful selves...
sometime next is my interview with king einon - but there is so much other stuff to do first... like watching some starshooter from 1979 playing "35 tonnes" - but how's that pronounced that in the frogs' queer language?!?
enjoy, die liebe Frau Kohl

Monday 28 September 2009

the best demo inna whole world

was obviously done by bristol based band screamer around 1995...

the shot's been really blurred by my bad quality cheap digi cam style but the tape itself... it#s just next to genius - simple punk that mixes the sex pistols with chaos u.k. and rose tattoo.
I tried to get permission for an upload, but I miserably failed to successfully make a contact the artist
this is so old school it's unbelievable!
stay punk, ahahahaha....., yours haselore

Sunday 27 September 2009

der Aktien schützen

boy it was election day today and i am glad by only participating onna vocative basis and have hasmuth make a call for a long portion - in this case give my favourite bunny a good position so that everything will stay the fucking same forever and mr. putin staying over on his side of the irn crtn.
everything will stay the same for as long "the most powerfull woman in the world" (wikipedia) will stay in this position - so hopefully for at least another four years so that belsen will finally get some gas - and we will bow down low to those ex-commie lot and get our charcoal and uranium from those very effectively organized slave labour camps down siberia for the next couple of years. and as for my beautiful self now....
i am old and tired and i don't trust things to be changed by somebun who can't even spell his own fucking language - and that's for sure worse than being a buddy!
play some Hammerhead because the Hauptsache is SPD - but you will not find that onna internet - at least i so far could not... but i found the show from hamburg hafenklang in november 08 which is o.k. I think - they are good lads and they had herr walter sleep backstage and even had a hoody stolen for him and they gave him some drink and a comfy place to sleep in - when that idiot missed the point the DJ's called it a lets fuck off from here and had to wait for another 4 hours in the freezing cold with just a shirt and a harrington on. worst of all the prick did not even get me an interview... ....but onto quoting some bun else - like usually right here on this cool blog:
"die Chefs schützen - der Aktien schützen - das Recht schützen - den Staat schützen - vor uns!"
see you soon somewhere hopefully but don't let me catch you spraypainting the walls near my home, cause these fumes are so very toxic and i can tell you i just had some - off to sleep now, yours haselore

Saturday 26 September 2009

saturday#s kids

today saw my very self visiting langen- hagen car boot sale again to buy some well needed furniture and some more interior decoration..
i tried to go for one of die volksempfängers as for hearing proper live news about he dsc arminia bielefeld at alm on the Nordeutsche Radio and what's much more important any exciting news from my fave team and how there doing at upton and away.

on that squaddies show on the BFBS, if that still exists here in germany as the squaddies have all pissed off towards kandahar or other third world loser places to play catch-a-bullet doon there.
but meine teure volksempfänger would not work, when i tried it out and so i would take it back which was a horrible lot of work i can tell you!
and I had to prepare my dress for the coming day - which ist eine reine Ferientage cause it is election day and it's about my fave bunny inna german political scenery and as well she is the most powerful women on earth so really want to becoeme her good friend and I might be able to give her some advise for a better housekeeping.
speaking for myseelf personally - she was the only reason to instruct my jerry friends not to x the election form anywhere as i would advise to do usually but only once and for this time - to put her to power for four more years even if this means collaborating somebun else who I don't have any respect for cause he is a fucking bigot who should be sent to work somewhere in moldavia but not here. but its for that russian guy putin who she is feeding bits out of the palm of her hand and guess what? he goes for it! so i hope she will save me the honor of ending up in an uranium mine somewhere in siberia
i am old and tired and i don't trust things to be changed by somebun who can't even spell his own fucking language - and that's worse than being a buddy!

as for the real saturday's kids, here is a video of the best R'n'B Band inna whole world live at the old grey whistle test

see you somewhere hopefully but don't let me catch you spraypainting the walls near my home, cause these fumes are so very toxic and i can tell you i just had some - off to sleep now, yours haselore

Friday 25 September 2009

perverse co. from US&A - boy are they shit !!!

I know i am a smart girl and good looking - not only with my cool'n'clever combination of some torn and burned flag but also with my way cool beanie hat that has saved my precious head from cold or sunburn for the last couple weeks yet! thanks to famous designer HJL!!
and today I wondered even more and i wondered why an american company - not to name them but they carry a model that's called something like "pervert no star" - and i started to wonder why these evil bastards were be throwing their garbage onto my streets - promoting some expensive brainless garbage shit for some spoilt rich brats from the linden (those idiots wearing on their heads what walter usually calls the "Linden Brille" like in Linden Species). bad cheap shoes without no prper soles stitched together inna hurry by a thousand bleeding little chinese children's paws just round the corner near kidsdowork, where I came from originally. and it is really sickening if you think of it...
what will the friggigng compensation be - the compensation for cleaning up their waste from in my barrio - so i will find out where there german main office is and do an interview what's it like stitching shoes together near kidsdowork in bun-chen...
... if i could stand her as a musician and singer I would go now and listen to some bettina wegner - you know my friend v. loves her but I can't really stand her - but you now the score she may be a nice person after all but it's just that i cannot stand her music and for me it sounds very much the same as the sound of a 100 dropping sacks of rice down in timbuktu - so I rather go listen to a nice one by brian setzer himself playing rumble in brighton tonight on a solo guitar - and there's also a totally different one by another dude who probably wants to be like him but I won't putta link here cause it sucks.

give a hoot, so to say, yours haselore

Wednesday 23 September 2009

boy its the nachwehen...

..of king varela#s 32nd birthdayboy.
man, that really was "the big un" and I almost fell unconscious after a 1/3 bottle of the lindener my friend I. (as usually she's one of the infamous girls from the drug revival) had forced down my throat....
but when I got really tired and sleepy from the beer i went off to sleep next to Mr. V's under panties that were obviously made from some dead predator#s skin. cause she was dead i well liked it there onna Mr. V.'s chaise longue - and I got to do some cool photographs of Mrs. V. - btw. as you might have already guessed one of my fave bunnys - but she has not yet given me permission to use them on my blog. so you won't find her in any deadly erotic or rather esoteric poses behind the clear spanish walls of slumber at the v.'s home. ... then I was well shocked as I.'s infamous groupie mr. X came in and guess what he was wearing! not his usual 30.000 Kollegen Hoodie but rather one by infamous ripp offs and gema affiliates die boxhamsters
when i got up again i stumbled half blindly into der Glocksee Keller to check if my bassplayer was doing fine and was working on my new tracks - but all he was doing was a fucking drug revival with some other chaps and he was not recording my new disco smasher - i even gave my copy of the handbook to that creep TM but he won't neither read this important piece on music management.

funny that TM was trying out a new guy on the vocals and this guy was very friendly with me. and best thing is: he made some refreshing comments about my new cool nail polish and i felt like a young bun of 16 years again once again. btw that guy - i forgot his name again - is a plumber so i hope to save a bit of dosh when getting him to do some installations in my flat...
have a better day than me, i am getting sick again and I will have to go to bed again!!

yours, h.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

it's Varela's 32nd Birthday

Oi! and I am going out!

meet me later at der cafe glocksee for info about my state of mind after a few pints at the V.'s home!

... and by the way in the meantime all hail the mighty King Einon and any bunny send him a nudist pic!

just like me! play some adicts! even though their creepy shit today!

cheers, haselore

Monday 21 September 2009

the Tooth Fairy and the Princess

i went there to meet her and get more inspiration for my song and to find a new band there possibly - cause the old one's nort properly working as for my high ambitions - and right now at the moment I don't know how to finish my musical piece on the angela.
but I think I was like one day or two days too late - or she just did not like the politics that were going there with the former SED party led by sandra wagenkecht (who - funny enough tries to bulid up an horrible image of herself somewhere between a suffragette and a regurar turkish immigrant girl in germany from the nineteen nineties- though she is like 40 YOA now and poor old rosa did not even make it up to her 3oth birthday) when I waited for angela to fucking show up actually!
... but maybe she had a flat on the way or something like this - but you wot gotta do really is to listen to this song here and also i got a funny video by these guys that's right here and somewhere near that there's even a second part.

moustache apparently still means a lot of respect, yours haselore

Friday 18 September 2009

Das Große Nutrition

some of my jerry friends are not fond of english dishes at all which is a real shame in my opinion that i think should be corrected in the german preschools already. ... as for when britannnia is going to wave the rules again, then we will finally find regular bread in the shops there in germany... ... or much rather here in germany again and not that shit that they call "toast".
one of the fritzen who does not mock me up regularly for being into low-fibre nutrition that gets spiced up with a litlle mushy pea and a bit of a baked potato chip is walter my translator and co-editor. as for my self being more into the vegan than into the half-carnivorous lacto-the fuck-whatever-vegetarian lifestyle walter follows blindly as a sheep, I really would not want to eat the cheese & egg that got prepared for walter the other day myself. walter says that his throat gets sour when he has any sort of beans inna red sauce after 7:30AM, very probably because he does not now even the german word for a heartburn. but he also said he usually never gets up this early so it is not too much of a matter for him any which way.
in germany, when somebun goes out to buy some fish with chips i think it is not cool that bun does not get to pick from any of the really exciting stuff.
but it's funny that they serve it along with some kinds of mixed lettuce and a bit of a tomato and cucumber in a spicy sauce which makes it a decent meal for me for me, if i leave the fish from the plate and go for ketchup instead of mayonaise.
but even funnier is that any bunny else'd throw the green stuff away so i usually not buy any servings to throw the fish away but play it cool and the other other way round - think this is boring? it sure is!
so i will leave you now with one of the best of links on earth - it shows my friend CK with one of his cool bands in 1996 at the buntes haus celle near hannover.
in this case it's infaust who were one of the best bands ever to emerge from hannover. some of the guys later have been playing in cave canem and bringer absturz and up to my knowledge they still do. but off you click from looking for kohl onto the cool Infaust video
blimey, it#s getting really late again now so that i will be missing mr. midleton from perth who a mere 15 years ago would have neither made it out of his fish & chips stall in scotsland nor made it to the cafe glocksee - just like me - so he's gonna interview me on the next time. and he's gonna ask me why I think that he just took the minor idea for his tune "we're all going to do die that you can find here almost unaltered from captain sensible. at least it very much sounds like this and captain sensible today must be selling hot dogs from a barn, cause he never wrote me back about a possible feature for looking for kohl!

have a great digestion yourself, yours haselore

Monday 14 September 2009

tell me why i don't like mondays

it's time for a revolutionary change and this is by far the most egotistic weekend that i have ever had!cause you can now meet my beautiful self through almost every digital social self marketing network channel there is out there onna internet! - myspce is a chance to net your music for no hosting fees - and to lose your precious time inna million totally useless features - but you can listen to my band on there - and youdeadgaypornmoviestube dot com is just the same business but with loads more on the video front and some mp3s you might find over the links - but the good point is that you can find my videos on there - funny i don't know what service this is about after all - probably this is about marketing your ego and collecting real pictures of some bun who shifts sacks of rise in the kantonese speaking region of tibet - sadly this platform makes some of the ladies over the 25 YOA bench mark look older than they usually are - so i put on a blurred photo there to make myself a bit older - because I a'm just a regular girl like just like any bunny else and so i do just the same things! - i really have no clue what this is all about . i just read about it on somebun elese's internet and thought that I should share my lifewith other people because as for my life is very interesting! but i am getting sleepy most ly before i get to type anything in there - stefan has made up this profile in behalf of my beautiful self. cause they kicked the first one off the net for not being appropriate or some other stupid reason that is not fair! maybe i can make a business contact there but it hardly looks like as i have found out in the meantime that my friend RT called this platform's quits shortly before us had me sub put on there!

and then i went to pose for photographs down at drug revival's evil practice space - i did not get to meet sly for reasons nobunny could explain to me, but i met up with there new missus bassplayer who called herself the KEP or whatever and I got to pose for some photographs with her later that evening. but I think some of you could find these offensive, so that i rather not print them here but some others that though they do not show any of the naughty bits are alright for know!

my playlist: it's don't do drugs by julian cope but i forgot if this was just a loop inna song or a complete song but that comes out the same anyway! here's a review on his new black sheep album but i have problems reading it cause walter's off to the store

yours haselore kohl

Sunday 13 September 2009

turn of the seasons

the weather is getting more unfriendly to my cool white dress, no more sitting inna warm sun smoking a big piece....better grow yourself some fur like i do, yours haselore kohl

Monday 7 September 2009

Der deutschen Gründlichkeit wie Sanitär

it was to read in the press that the german armed forces killed quite a batch of civilians

and i would like to quote the Sanitär demo tape here much rather than reflecting about the very possible ethical or political consequences:

"der Talibun, er wartet schon,
er spaltet schon bald den Atom
Talibun oh Talibun, so greif doch endlich Deutschland an,
aber bitte ruf mich vorher an!"

praise the lord and pass the ammunition, yours haselore kohl

Friday 4 September 2009

king varela got a new orchestra

my sista Mrs V. has let me know, that her hubby Mr. V. - being one of my oldest and funniest pals in hannover, has a new out fit.
no, not a new leather strip alike thin black tie like that one she bought him for his 28th birthday...
varela got some older talent between 33 and 49 yoa into supporting him as the players of backing instruments and voices in his newly formed orchestra that so far has not been christened with a real name yet, most probably it will be called the King Varela Quartet
King Varela himself being by far the youngest of the bunch they are milking all the latest trends in violent rock and are truly ripping off helmet and drive like jehu what ever way they possibly can.
very much like a 2 or 4 paws up in the air fucking rock attack! if the king only were a few yers younger I'd instantly ditch boring Hasmuth and somebun else would have to stick her head between her legs and kiss her arse good bye,
yours haselore

Wednesday 2 September 2009

who dunnit?

who has been that devastating hooligan..spraypainting all those posters in town...nobunny can really say.

have your paws washed with soap and cold water for approximately 10 minutes but be careful your fur don't come off, yours haselore kohl