Wednesday 22 April 2009

cross stitched eyes

onna monday before easter i went to the cross stitched eyes show at the korn.

i missed the opening band as well as cross stitched eyes' opening chords. what i saw then was really dark and moody hardcore. in a way they reminded me of killing joke (so did the guitar player tim's former band zygote back in the days). they had a good rhythm section partially due to trotsky from the subhumans hitting the skins really well.

i could not appreaciate the singer's voice that much but you have to know that generally i am at war with singer's voices.

others thought he was a good singer - and it's all a matter of taste but i think i have a better taste than most ordinary people!

i was going to do an interview with tim but he probably thought that i was that kind of easter joke as he were not into it too much and refused to cooperate on the lame excuse that he only does on appointment with all of the band being interviewed - probably he tought i was one o'those crustie bunnies and would only try to get to screw him backstage...

...swear to the almighty I'll dump those skirts soon and get a pair of fxxxing vegan bondage trousers and all you bastard macho pigs will finally stop treating me like an apprentice to hardcore punk rather than a perriodistress or however this cool spanish term is spelled...

bringer absturz have finally sent me an instrumental version of one of their songs that i played quite a lot. they say they do not have a real title for the song yet

up yours, haselore

Friday 17 April 2009

the shape of things to come

onna tuesday i visited the alexander krause orchestra again.

they gave me some bunanas ana grapes an' me met ana weed and i&i had a jolly good time down there in their practice room listening to their music.

the band have recently put up some of their stuff on the internet under the name of phonogramm

more exciting news yet to come, stay tuned,
yours haselore

Thursday 16 April 2009

finally some shots

finally i got the shots from the killed by 9 volt batteries show!!

the first shot shows me with KB9VB's approximately 27 guitars. as you can see I&I don't look too relaxed under heavy flashlights but the gitten sure do!

the second shot has been taken on the way out - the idiot who took this thought it was dead funny having me posing next to a cover with a hare on it. once you give somebody your small finger they will be asking for fxxxing hair from your muttonchopsideburns. pimpin' ain't easy - but I&I think being a smalltown celebrity is nowhere near that easy i mean still..... well, honestly.... it's sorta weird, innit?

so me was left wondering when I&I were finally to get those pictures from the last blut & eisen show at verden/aller. the review of the show I&I has yet to finish...but it is not an easy task as I learned that blut und eisen were one of the few very very good rock bands out of germany along the lines of lets say blumen am arsch der hölle, razzia, slime and SYPH so they probably deserve more than a one liner. there's even a 3 liner interview featured with thomas tier and i am still working on the translation which is a bit heavy for me...
nevermindthebollocks here's the last days musical treatment
gloria by them
does everyone stare by the police
time's up by the buzzcocks
wahre arbeit wahrer lohn by die krupps
last of the famous international players covered by leeway

see you down there,
yours haselore

Tuesday 14 April 2009

zu besuch bei die spiesser vom hopfenweg

your humble editoress and her husband hasmuth went out over the weekend to visit some friends at hopfenweg. that paparazzi RT shot a pic of hasmuth and me chilling in the garden

hasmuth got on bun's nerves babbling some senseless stuff about 'dem girls 'dem girls - bun just wonders what he was fuzzing on about and why he has not simply kept his mouth shut.

that bun in the iron mask thing seems to have reached his head. he is listening to ice cube all the time and is sometimes shouting "poor eazy sleazy E." it's sickening when he is like that and then somebun gets very tired and hops off to bed early.

bun got to hear triston palmer's joker smoker today - good compact production and great p. c. lyrics - sorry almighty brother - bum started to listen to African Scream Contest album a couple of days ago, but is still far from doing a review about that one.... to busy hanging out in the sun which is why bun came here in the first place

yours, haselore

Monday 13 April 2009

my generation

somebun's relatives came to visit her over holidays, the boring cousin's wife came over with her kids. all went out and some people thought it was a joke for easter. god how bun hates her life at this time of the year. here's a pic to show you what a bunch of total losers they are

when they had pisssed off over the channel again finally your humble editoress got to listen to some wire.
wire's great role model, they got songs like mannequin and sand in my joints and champ. especially the wipers seem to have constructed most of their oevre out of wire riffs.

yours, haselore