Thursday 21 June 2012

major general despair








= = =

philosophically trying, financially dissatisfied, yours as truly as could possibly be,
haselore kohl

Sunday 17 June 2012

hauptsache musik - max müller of mutter in interview


meeting artists is dead easy, you just gotta
find out about and hop to the really exciting events

choose the path to happiness and sneak through the door
so that those doors of perception will open up for you


yes sometimes life is like x-mas rather than a carnival of souls -
even if and especially when the date you choose is 11/11/12

and now it was time to meet up with german avantgarde pioneers
mutter (a name roughly translating to 'mom' in our english language)
who were going to be on stage at the cafe glocksee that very night

 in order to promote their current album 'meine kleine krieg '
(which bun thinks means something like 'me own little war'
in one of those more civilised language)

their music is really strange; rather german and there's conceptual
 surprises included for the devoted listener on each new album

...and live they are kind of this monolithic thing that sometimes
reminds bun of a crude blend of throbbing gristle, trouble
and der munchener friehiet, that rather unpopular poproup from
the south of germany that used to get a lot of attention in hillbilly
places like e.g. bunswick, hamburger, hanover or wolfenburg
(....but don't you ever dare to mention that towards max!)

after the show it was time for yet another drink right before
hopping into backstage for an interview with mutter

as there was a tad of spare time left what else would bun be
thinking of doing rather than hopping back to the bar yet again
to beg for another one of those potent german lager beers

before bun had to be off to catch the last
of those glossy electric trams heading
off towards your humble editoresse's lair

yours, as really truly as could be,
haselore kohl

Monday 11 June 2012

talking with you - penelope houston in interview


in celebration of walpurgisnight 2012 your humble editoresse 
conducted an interview with the one and only penelope houston

just after bun had finally found the entrance to her backstage area

though none of the songs from penelope's 
great "birdboys" album were performed

still there was an awfull lot of interest from rivalling media

and there even was a moon in the sky, but that was called a lamp

coming up with the entrance fee had been made dead 
easy for bun because there was cash paid on return bottles

and even better there was no need for bun to fake her i.d. or to
wear x's on her paws as the age level had been set way below 21

that bouncer did not look like he was taking a lot of care for underagers

but maybe he was too busy guarding the shipyard of cafe glocksee

to make sure that there was not more than the necessary damage

done to those outstanding scratchworks all over the walls

...this was your humble editoresse in interview with penelope houston 
- and if you wanna hear some more of her music, just click here

yours, haselore kohl

Tuesday 5 June 2012

trial by media day your humble editoresse hopped along textor street down frankfurt upon main, in search for karl riem's legendary conspirational flat, when bun was surprised by the sounds of dozens of vuvuzelas that were dirtected towards some herr kroke, himself being the chairman of a rather unsuccessfull local paper called "der frankfurter rundschau"





well, somebun down there did look a bit upset indeedy....




especially about that special involvement with some hannover company

the name of which roughly translates to "lunatic bag" that is in fact hannover's worst publishing company that does even beat axel springer verlag and looking for kohl on their own respective turfs: dirt cheap tabloid journalism
yours, haselore kohl