Sunday 30 June 2019

we don't exist

never too high to die the meat puppets had come to town some time ago and your humble editoresse was going to take a chance on them and went to zoom club downtown frankfurt to check them out for a possible story and interview - just around the corner from that big subway station where you might happen to end up with some shoe polish when you just had been trying to score some stash their

accidentally the first band that started the evening the ome rather boring homemade psychedelic music and while they were trying to sound like the cure bun decided to not give a hoot about them any longer and went up on the sun - which means she was trying to get a place at the bar atop on one of those stools there- when the unthinkable happened: her camera got dropped and with it went all means for an interview, cause there was no paper or pen in sight.

then the meat puppets finally started playing and for all those simple minded and tasted enough, they tunedropped some riffs of those songs that once had been covered by some better known band. so everybody got in a frenzied state of mind untill they realized that just some other tunes were goimg to be played -  but not those ones covered by nirvana, at least not know.

at times the meat puppets had three guitras - just like the grateful dead -
they were professionally sounding - just like the grateful dead - they got into longer jams  - again just like the grateful dead. they even pleased the crowd by playing the songs that everybody new - those covered by the fab 3 - bun could have done without - the driver went ape crazy and began to leave - there was no meeting the kirkwood brothers at all

yet on her way back home bun watched something that reminded her of an aurora borealis and sometimes began to wonder what she had actually been seeing, so that she returned somedays later - this time with another camera

all yours, haselore