Monday 29 June 2009

haselore vs. bulbul

if you read the last issue of this very blog you will now by know that at the mushroom happening festival a drugged & freaked out apocalypso of kulturinferno tried to get into all the really into naughty details of me underwear and how I offered him to stick a cxxxxx up his very bum.
I felt like I was getting a bit drunk from the exports ana quickly moved on up for an interview with the Bulbul from vienna which happens to be the capital of austria. and even more bettah is that it is probably the nicest place inna whole of germany only bad thing is the german tourists but they get treated accordingly by the vienese. vienna itself has been brought to fame thanks to a song by the same name dun inna early eighties by midge ure's totally evil reincarnation of the ultravox.
I dunno what happened or if they played the song in question on the stereo when this picture of me ana Raumschiff Engelmayer was taken, but somehow i forgot to ask him to do an interview for Looking For Kohl, and after the show the band were too heavily involved clearing the stage along with the stage hands in cause it was something like three onna clock by then!
anyways at around half past one I remember waking up again when Bulbul started with the show ana also remember that it sounded so strong and heavy from the stage into the VIP that the group should have consisted of at least 2 more people. Bulbul were heavy like the melvins - but gladly not as boring. from time to time they also had this nomeansno sound meaning complex drumming ana clear pumping bass tightly put right onna beats they but gladly did not go on too long with those kinds of parts that it actually sounded like those 2plusx canadians. sadly this is the only photo that i have have thanks to drunken walter who unfortunately opened the camera when he was trying to change batteries...

but try to catch the band live rather than listening to their records because for some strange reason they sound much better live than onna audio recording and i am sure they will hit you like a water - just when i thought that i would never hear a good band from austria except for that very old 70ies/80ties punk comedy entourage drahdiwaberl bul bul came down on me really haevy.
but I wonder why they use such a shit name, dunno if they try to follow some worn out krautrock-goes-to-afghanistan-path when they are such a great band that I think just should try to more concentrate on doing the lyrics in their original austrian language that is so cool to listen to!

onna friday i was lucky to meet the crowskin from potsdam at stumpf, so i am listening to the harmony of life release and both songs should very well serve their purpose as it seems to me onna first audit! but more about me ana crowskin later!

enlightingly yours haselore

Wednesday 24 June 2009

trail of rude 66

one day I&I ana hubby walk onna gay streets of linden and there is this mighty and powerful street art onna walls of all those gray hoses - and you can follow the artists trail because even inna "quartier-de-la-cite-du-nord" you can find the masterpieces of dis great street artist that has named her or himself after one the rude 66

I&I like her or his style very much anam really deeply and personally touched by some of the topics the artist works on!

me dunno if rude 66 dreams about his topics when she or he is sleepy and like my auntie did when she was still alive at over 80 and used to paint the flowers and landscape around the village she lived in.

me dunno the current incarnation of the rude 66 ana dunno if she or he's a whitey like slice of toast inna morning or a proper sister or a brother...

... and why should I&I care at all and put some boring genda onna agenda when I got nothing to worry about on this day the almighty gave to me 'cept for cleaning hasmuth's scrap metal mask!
... when me got bootie recordings like dis-ja 'ere onna cassette tape!

johnny Clarke - african queen
fela Kutie - zombie
the b-52's - 6060-842

see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing; yours haselore kohl

Wednesday 17 June 2009

kohl vs. guz & the averells

you could see the photograph of myself waiting for guz anna averells inna lastweek. i am sure you all love those shots where you see me waiting for anything to happen and that you can't stop wondering why i am such a queen of hearts! but for the sake of cutting a long story short as well as the precious time that you spend on reading my blog: I just decided to cancel the birthday and rather work on me career and stay at home and type some review and put it onna internet! now i just continue from where i ended inna last week:
... then finally when the show began the group started off inna really interesting dual guitar lineup. I thought they were good not only because they reminded me of goldstar (funny enough "maschine" rather than "mongo bar") but goldstar sadly never got this tight as the averells still do.

guz anna averells are probably the best group from switzerland (at least they are the only good one that i know of) since the aeronauten have called it's quits. but two of them are playing down withe man inna averells so everything is fine and there is that overall important strong drummer the aeronauten used to have - employed at those expensive swiss wages just for your entertainmant!
I don't fancy their studiorecordings so much, just a couple of songs, but the band played a cool set and some rather old fashioned independent music came to my ears; you can see from the shoes guz wears that he probably owns one or the other record by the violent femmes - but best thing is that you can actually see the shoes he wore onna photograph if you got a real good screen!
.... but sadly won't hear what he said inna original swiss language when he got angry cause i didn't have a recording facility with me - a fact to have its fx onna transcript of the following interview session!
but back to the wha'ppened - here know is guz inna interview with your humble editoress:

Kohl: First question being how old are you?
Guz: Fourty One
Kohl: Inna last interview the man said I should guess...(!)
Guz: Stupid answer....
Kohl: O.k., Next one, what is your favourite song out of all the bands that you have ever played in?
Guz: I could take the easy way here and say "Freunden" but no I don't want it this easy!
I want to name a song that is being played by my current band. yes then definately it's "Rollin and Tumbling"!
Kohl: o.k. third ana last one, how did you like the show?
.. and from here on me memory has gone off for a bank holiday, but i think he said something about being 'exhausted and happy' but i do not wanna misquote him on that important topic really.
I just hope that nobody out there or the artist himself proves to be so cruel to be willing to stick da legendary first carrot up my bum for my embarrassing beginner's mistake!
so to do justice to guz here 's a link know to a video of rollin and tumblin shot onna same german tour anna hope that they gonna come back to the bei chez heinz because i like a musician that lost there teeth inna rock'n'roll if it's not harley ana just hope that more than 30 people will come to see this great songwriter and bandleader inna next time when he will come to hannover anna i hereby promise that will ask him to leave me sound sample of what he thinks the swiss team is being pronounced by his fellow mates inna land where the germans serve as gastarbeiters like my pal spinne who has just offshoared his customer services to outside of the EC and saves lots of money on taxes every year.

see you inna next time and you sure own me a for a couple of my great punchos know and don't be sad you missed to see the guz with all of his guts next time and now you own me for yet another one, yours haselore

Sunday 7 June 2009

...meeting the Buttshakers

onna monday in early may i was looking forward to go out to the bei chez heinz to see the buttshakers from france. word had it that they were a much better band than their name might suggest it to you

everything was arranged with the driver for an early pick at 9 o'clock. but the driver turned out to be a real schmuck and so we left ca. 9.40 for the show what in the end turned out to be very late...

anyways those french had a band that was as tight as a bee's ass playing modern soul - a kind of musical style i am no expertress in though - so I might have gotten it wrong but they reminded me of the bar kays a bit and they had a nice and rough approach to the music and as well they had one of those very excentric live shows thanks to the hypnotic stage presence of their singer.

sadly I forgot my recorder as well as my pen so i could not have an interview done with lead singer ciara thompson before she got totally wasted on those small liquors she got offered by parts of the audience

but for sure but I did not forget to waer my cool raum eins null eins badge on that special occasion and even better we have posed for what turned out to be that nice shot you can see right here!
sadly enough there weren't enough people to do justice to a live band that is as brilliant and entertaining as the buttshakers are.

funny enough - the very same evening totally overrated uk schmock-rockers art brut were playing at a different location and all the morons gathered there. art brut are one of those poor examples of how fucked up the music industry is these days. they have exactly one good song and all the rest sounds bull but inna same style. but the only art brut music you actually have to pay for is the shit music because they gave the hit away for free on promo cds. i think this is funny and should encourage people to what is these days referred to as "illegal download" of infotainmant data of any kinds.

well, why theory? I've almost forgot but here's todays's playlist
johnny moped - trouble
f.u. 's - the beast within
goldstar - mongo bar

yours, haselore "two tops" kohl