Monday 31 August 2009


teutonically yours, haselore

Sunday 30 August 2009

blame it on the other kinder - lessons in politics unit VII

I know that the lamb broke the seventh seal but i am not sure what exactly happened then after - probably it had something to do with some horns and lots of fire raining down from the skies....
as i have mentioned joe jackson in my last blog one of those songs is evil eye. it has a very good rhythm and it does not remind me of the guy on the poster at allI think you can acquire it through the soulseek bootleg file sharing network very easily - and on the soulseek you can have funny conversations just between somebun who calls her self appropriately wargodt_22* and some buddy who calls himself nasum2.0** like this one here - trash breeds trash the saying goes....

[Wargodt_2.2] share some files cunt!

[nasum2.0] wtf

[Wargodt_2.2] might have a digital accident someday

[nasum2.0] digital accident?

[Wargodt_2.2] now what a computer is cunt?

[nasum2.0] Yeah, I dont know what a "digital accident" is??

[nasum2.0] Cunt?? Are you from the uk?

[Wargodt_2.2] i understand you re from the us or some other shit third world loser country

[nasum2.0] Why are you being such a prick?

[Wargodt_2.2] cause you're acting like a dick

yesterday i went to see cave canem, november 13 from hannover & fall of efrafa and i got good seats during these three sets that made the only good shows with three bands i think i have ever seen in my life!
but more about that on one of my later postings when I will get into full detail about this very exciting evening - and also about the day before when cyness from potsdam played - on both days i failed to do any interview cause all the bands were so shy! probably they were not interested in what basically ends in a reference for the dole office and similar other possible employers - i made myself independent from these and am developing my skills on the glockenspiel rather and get my career both as a writer of fine essays and as the head of an engineering company for fine instrumental music and rather become a traveller nut not a peasant cause honestly I do not think that jah the almighty has created me to serve other, much cooler purposes and check out my new way cool dresses that were made by dem girls of almighty 32 crash studios - thank you again JS, TM & HJL for your support and i hope to get in enough donations on any account that is willing to pay for that polish IOU but I need to get an account first which is very expensive when you don't want to have it running through your books cause you need to bribe somebun else first to do it for you properly

find them - grind them - yours, haselore

* name has been changed for the obvious reasons
** name has not been changed as buddy is a complete wanker and i think that any bun on the internet should now abot this wicked man from the land of holy war!

Saturday 29 August 2009

just blame it on the other kinder - lessons in politics unit VI

blimey, how i hate this bitch...
she wants to make everybunny who does not own at least 3 kids and 2 degrees from university feel like a subhuman!
as for my playlist - get a download of beat crazy by the joe jackson band, delete 2 or 3 of the weaker tracks and just play the rest till your polital frustrations have taken the train to duckburg - beat crazy is the almost perfect pop record from 1980 that served as a kind of blueprint for many a record in the following decade - and I thought you might want to try it out!

academically yours, haselore

Friday 28 August 2009

got to meet up with Marcos and Agrotoxico waiting for the Freeze

on one of those hot sunny afternoons in july i went to my friend RT's place at infamous Hopfenweg again and I sat there well protected from the sun and I finally got him to teach me some more german. in the evening then I got a ride to verden, once the place of a big beheading of some hundreds saxon leaders refusing to betray there native gods and rather facing a very cool and stylish death that even got them into the history books! a double paws up for being this cool in an age of old gods but new masters!
... and I took advantage of my newly gained german language skills and I well impressed my fellow traveller's with my newly learned german slang standards.
... like "nuh!" and "assclaw" - used when greeting somebun you meet onna street!
having arrived at Verden I was eagerly waiting for the freeze but then it turned out that Agrotoxico were their support so i went in and i got to see a band fast tight and aggressive I got wound up in their music though I thought I were not interested to see them at all at first
mighty Agrotoxico from brasil made all hell go loose onna stage you know they were like der volle bratze in deiner fresse .....
sadly I did not get any videos sent in of this show by Agrotoxico, but at least i got a few rare seconds by the Freeze that I have put on here....
the whole band was one of these very powerfull units like e. g. acao direta who are going directly for your guts with straight and slightly metal tinged hardcoretheir drummer was going nuts and playing like some mad rabbit - but he was much tighter than that - sorry absolutely no pun intended here!
after the show I met up with there charismatic guitar player marcos and was was so heavily impressed by this handsome young bun I forgot to squeeze an interview out of him, aber ich mache das nächste mal, o.k?

enjoy yourselves over the weekend and have einen schönen guten abend - i will have the Freeze interview posted soon right here onna internet, Yours Haselore Kohl

Thursday 27 August 2009

just blame it on the other kinder - lessons in politics unit V

"is she really going out with him?
is she really gonna take him home to-nite?"
"is he really going out with him?
is he really gonna take him home to-nite?"

inna free land where bigotry and opportumism rules everything is possible,
yours haselore kohl

Wednesday 26 August 2009

just blame the other kinder - lessons in politics unit IV

I think there was a band from munich in the nineties going by the name the kraft - I don't really think that they had a fascist attitude but luckily for all of us they never got that very popular that questions about their controversity could have been arising...have a nice one, yours haselore kohl

Tuesday 25 August 2009

a cdr like a sonic blast from hell

yesterday i was down in the the park near the university building to finally finish my long awaited piece onna trail of dead - but guess what myself ended up to actually: right you are not doing the story in the end... so you gonna have to wait for yet another week on another masterpiece by haselore kohl.
because there was the bowmen demo that i got from their bassplayer that soon started to draw my attention, so that i went for a closer inspection the front cover was a mysterious black and white picture. it looks plainly crap and does not do justice to the music onna cdr at all. because the music is totally different from the weak cover - not to say it is lightyears ahead of it
the recording starts with Inon which is a simple, yet effectively placed bass drone building up right into the second track Because We Can. it is a very big'eaded thing to put onna piece of paper. but this really is a supersonic instrumental rocker really like not a lot else music that I have heard before. it is a well structured forward-ever-backwards-never-styled attack that has some very cool riffing. this is probably called math-core (core like in hard-core) nowadays but it is in a way really worked out but the best thing about it that is real hardcore - music yet - not your usual german run of the mill grindcore from sparwasser in thuringia. Islands, the third song sounds like it is a variation of the second one - but sadly at no point it reaches the intensity and sheer madness of Because We Can. then again a drone intro that creeps into the fifth and last song the title of which i cannot remember at the moment - but it is a slower song - sounds a bit like some queer noise rock.
but nevermind the ballots - the bowmen are a great duo and I know for sure that this cdr they have limited to a mere 20 copies is somewhat destined to become a classic demo by the year of 2012. i am not sure but I think that shitbeard and beatty also played together in one of the various incarnations of bringer absturz - i think that this - if it is a fact - can tell you a lot about the strange sound and attitude of those guys from bringer absturz...
i do not think that you can find the bow men on the internet, but you can contact shitbeard at: captain8 at gmx dot de - he sad he sells those demos fuck cheap - for the mere price of a herrenhäuser pilsener at stumpf - so go ahead and get yourself a copy before there gone.

metallically yours, haselore

Monday 24 August 2009

just blame the other kinder - lessons in politics unit III

again there's is nothing said in the programm about the little bunnies topic - so which one of these actually is the watership down party?
yours, haselore

Sunday 23 August 2009

just blame the other kinder - lessons in politics unit II

there was a funny band from bremen once that was called the adelheid streidel experience and I doubt that mr. de lafontaine knows that they have even existed cause he is such a self centered tosser that he would not even allow himself to get finished off by some retard - so much for the older generation's good manners! but politician is such a dirty word that not even the cream song going by the same name is up to their otherwise very hi-standard

stay the same, yours die liebe frau kohl

Saturday 22 August 2009

just blame the other kinder - lessons in politics unit I

by the way have I mentioned yet that politics is a very dirty business?

yours, mrs. kohl

Tuesday 18 August 2009

if she cannot watch Kanal von Haselore she watch channel zero

I have opened up my own news channel finally now!
It is on the you tube cause it is cheap and offers means to censor ship the stuff that is being put on there and that's good cause I would not like any kids like wee J.K. get morally damaged by seeing anything this disturbing as a barfly set at J-Day!
I will call it the "Kanal von haselore" - i think it does not sound this bad at least better, than if it was just called the "Kanal von Kohl"!

first off within the next days you will be able to watch the complete set by barfly there except for some cut off minutes off the boring doom metal song due to space limitations on my screwed up memory disk - and it comes directly from cafe glocksee's J-Day on august 13th, Zero 9.

next after that i am going to putting on some video recordings by hermelin from some last months tuesday at cafe schlocksee

but to be honest, who needs yesterday's tuesdays? nobunny in the world...

yours, haselore

Monday 17 August 2009

some new videos by the freeze from boston

I got some videos that were sent in by a friend who filmed at the freeze show in verden and i have put them on the internet here and there - in there bill close is doing a way cool move after his guitar solo, very probably because bill spotted my pretty self in the audience and was going to make a lasting impression on her in order to get a good show review and i feel that his plan has worked out pretty well!
after the show i managed to get even closer to bill (sorry man, no pun..).
i hope that i will have my piece on the freeze put on the internet soon - once again right here on looking for kohl where you get to read about the things first!
very truly yours haselore

PS: if you got some spare time you can answer that letter that i just got - go on and do some ablasshandel and help a dutch bitch get some grand,
My dear in the Lord,
Greetings to you in the most name of our Almighty. His richest blessings shall be upon you forever! I am Mrs.Anja Visser
I am 52 years old from Netherlands but based in the UK; I am deaf and suffering from a long time cancer of the Lungs which also affected my brain. From all indication, my condition is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that, according to my doctors they have advised me that I live for the next few months, this is because the cancer stage has gotten
to a very bad stage.
I was brought up in a motherless babies home, was married to my late husband for twenty years without a child. My husband died in a fatal motor accident and before his death we were true Christians. Since his death I decided not to re-marry, I sold all my inherited belongings and deposited all the sum of $13.5 million dollars with a Security Company in Republic of Togo as family treasury before i was admitted in the UK . Presently,this money is still with them in a box(Contents of the box are not known to the Security Company) and the management just wrote me as the true owner to come forward to receive the deposited box for keeping it so long or rather issue a letter of authorization to somebody to receive it on my behalf since I cannot come over because of my illness or forfeit it into their recovery vault.
Presently, I'm with my laptop in a hospital where I have been undergoing treatment for cancer of the lungs. I have since lost my ability to talk and my doctors have told me that I have only a few months to live. It is my last wish to see that this money is invested to any organization of your choice and distributed each year among the charity organizations, the poor and the motherless babies' homes where I come from.
I want you as a God fearing person, to also use this money to fund churches, orphanages and widows. I took this decision, before I rest in peace because my time will soon be up.
As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the security company. I will also issue you a letter of authority that will approve you as the new beneficiary of the deposited box(Money).Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein. I shall wait to receive your prayerful reply through this private email address
( )
Yours truly,
Mrs.Anja Visser

Sunday 16 August 2009

in the linden

last month - to be more exactly in the july of zero 9 - i went on a long walking excursion over the river into linden or rather lindien as it is usually called within the boundaries of the real hannover because linden, you now, it has mostly negative aspects about it:
first off, in linden people there are so poor they have to build their homes out of the trash other people mercifully throw them onto their premises...

next off linden is really overcrowded and loud and amost everybunny down there pretends to be a computer expert or alternatively is selling fancy electronic devices from out of a little cornershop or just out of a carbooth or even directly from the street!

but luckily people there are not this poor that they would not have any means of transport.
yes indeedy! they have!!
... and they got really very nice german cars!!

but last not least not a lot at all is allowed to do for you in linden and you must always be very careful not to step into some pile of dogshit or broken glass with your bare paws!

but i think it is great that they have a river and some boats to look at.
it gives me a deserved break from all those stupid trainspotting activities.
and i am sure you would not want to go into the linden if you're from out of town!
and you do not have to because i will do for you even if it stinks!!
because i am on a career path that makes me face even the deadliest striking challenges!
if you could just keep on checking looking for kohl for regular updates of the newest trash industries in inden and you will do yourself a favour and keep right on track with the latest and hottest news about this fucked up part of the city!
what i had in mind while i was strolling down the dirty streets of linden was the lyrics to inner conflict - one of the very controversial offerings by some later playgirl's bun of the month's band. nahh - just kidding I don't like them at all - nah kidding you again! yours, haselore

Friday 14 August 2009

me vs. the World Inferno Friendship Society

I had a great time at yesterday's J-Day and I even got some words to the public out of Barfly's charismatic leader inge which is the dutch anagram to what the spanish call "cojones"! he is a great guitar player for sure like a heavy rock's paul weller and he is a real cutie for sure and I had some great times with all of them backstage after the show! I hope that you can soon read about this on Looking For Kohl

but now on to something completely different!
the very day the world inferno friendship society came down from the usa to hannover here in europe.
i heard that the band got really popular after they played on one evening back in zero 1 when the buddy's intelligence service declared war on what was pretty much everybunny else on the planet except for the swiss i think...
the band was further said to have performed a fantastic show after doing a few calls home as for any relatives and friends missing - so they're good sportsmen and really serious artists for sure! reason enough for me to do a story!
the society had already kicked off their set when we entered but i found myself a good place at the back of the hall. jackoferno was in top form and he cracked what i thought were some very good jokes!
the WIFS turned out to be a hell of a live band - tight drumming made the basics for a permormance that somehow reminds of an absurd musical cabaret because i have heard lots of musical instruments played on that drumming - and the guy at the mixing desk was deaf!
but Jack T. was well tired after the show. really tired because he had worked really hard on stage. bad luck i had approached him much too early after the show for my interview-report-series about "unbearable phony noise at shows" because i felt sleepy once again. he was very friendly but also very directly in his refusal to come round now so he send brian to take care of the press ladies and to talk about voulkme at shows. means brian would have had to do the special 3QK interview. but i was so overwhelmed by the presence of such a handsome young man that answered all the given questions in a friendly, polite and interesting manner. once again I simply forgot hasmuth at home (which i hear you say must have become quite popular with me every here and now...) and even worse I forgot to do the 3QK (which stands as an acronym for 3 Questions by haselore Kohl) interview to the interview with brian viglione, but i contacted him via the internet and here it is now!

HK: how old are you
BV: I am 30. My birthday was May 16th.
HK: what's your favourite songs out of all the bands you ever have played in?
(note that I did the fatal mistake not to take care for aproper spelling as it was meant to be one song and not all of them.... - but taking in regard he's such a nice person i say fair enough that the man should have his say! your humble editoress)
My favorite songs are always the ones with the most driving energy and performative elements. So there's not ONE favorite. My fav Dolls songs to play were always ones with lots of improv; Half Jack, Coin-op Boy, Truce, Girl Anachronism, Modern Moonlight. And Port of Amsterdam, Mein Herr, and War Pigs were the most fun cover songs.
Inferno songs I love to play are Weimar, Velocity Of Love, Tarot Americane, Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures, Life Of Poverty And Freedom, Just The Best Party, and Addicted to Bad Ideas, as well as many others, but those are some of my current favs.
HK: how did you feel after the show:
BV: I'm sure I was feeling great after Hannover, always love to play shows!

... as you can read from the interview brian loves to play shows and this probably is the reason the WIFS have a fantastastic drummer cause practice makes perfect as wire used to say... and a drummer who keeps the hottest of ladies away fom jackoferno apres-show - a drummer like this, he simply must be perfect the one cause usually the drummers they're all stark raving mad. .... later when I stumbled home early in the morning I got aware of the fact the shit had long yet started to hit the fan..
blimey! I forgot I got to let you know that yesterday I have posted some videos by snob club and buckethead that got sent in by some supporters of my blog. I hope that barfly send me a video too, so that i can post it as well!
keep on hopping over green fields, yours haselore

Thursday 13 August 2009

haselore vs. beyond pink at world inferno

your humble editoresse will have to keep it short as she will be off for J-Day within the next few seconds because bun's gotta try out her cool new tailor made dress but needs to get some skins from the cornerstore first. bun nows that you would love to finally get to read the interview with brian viglione of the WIFS but you must excuse her as for not really being a fast writer these days and it's toohard to keep track with the modern age where everything and especially people's demands are changing so very fast!

so to make up with that -here at least are the pictures from when your humble editoresse met beyond pink from the nice country of yugosverige also called "the land der lächelns". but in the south country we don't call it this way. as bun got taken out to the show by los bros. krause of phonogramm fame this time their never changing I-just-go-for-another-beer habit made sure that we missed beyond pink's set completely!

yours haselore

Wednesday 12 August 2009


and did you know that only a cool shamanic shield with a design done by the colour cacass helps you to have them keep their distance?
I just wanna be let alone and I wanna live inmidst of some quiet, nice and familiar folk!
that look good just like me!

onto kicking shit music off of your computer in exchange for the really good stuff.
I found a nice live set by dag nasty @ gilman st. - the tag said that infamous liar dave smalley was singing - but thank god it is not him but peter cortner on vocals, so give a double paws up to that special buddy who uploaded that and i promise i will be less against the buddys from now on!

watch your hood or you might wake up next to a freshly cut unicorn's head one morning and get cut your ear pierced by his corn, yours haselore

Tuesday 11 August 2009

spray paint the walls

earlier on the day the world inferno friendship society came down from the usa to us here in hannover I relaxed well before the interview with their charismatic lead singer jack "o'ferno" place i chose was the old conti tires factory building where nothing's fucking left except for maybe some heavy cutting machine i could not carry out on my last visit and some holes in the ceilings i paid x-tra special attention to not hop into by accident
here in hannover right know where i have been living since zero 6 i thought I could get more into the direct action thing as talk minus action is said to equal zero.
so I&I went out to find some inspiration by cool slogans already made by other artists and soon saw my very self putting some heavy statement on a gray concrete wall - just like this in the picture - and to get some props from the sisters from round the block
so i looked up some german in what i thought was a proper dictionary and hit the streets on ground x soon after and then I just started off getting things done!
well, honestly i&i had had a little smoke to cool our selves down and we must say that we really have no memory to what could have happened inna process of just getting some grassroots politics done and havin' our bleedin' say!
and even worse I&I began to attract the attention of the better part of the local public and it did not look like at all as if they were going to give me handshakes for my piece!
in the end I was glad not get to hear the sound of ficki ficki by accident cause I could've gotten nicked the boys in blue or much worse bumped into some slumlord from 'round here when leaving the wetpainted spot inna hurry!
because the slumlord is an evil man and there is many of them cause slumlord is a very common profession not only around this area of the city and once the slumlord will get you into their big hands they will take your money and and will strap you of all your assets and possessions, so beware of this wicked breed, as for compared to the species of the slumlord even the specials from the fürther defensive regiment are really kind men!

surprise surprise, my playlist is police car by the rejects.
going out now to check myselves before I&I wreck ourselves yours, haselore

Saturday 8 August 2009

route 66

over the last week bun was hot onna trail of the rude 66 yet once again!

bun also found out that mrs. moggat is going to play live onna coming saturday at the bei chez heinz inna front room ana just heard that alex krause will support them and he himself is supported by his guitar player who goes by the name of karim lamarti

but back to the rude 66 - himself being a skilled master of modern day wallpainting anam sure that the ones your humble editoress tracked are original works of the great master.

of these fine pictures the first one looked like it were pinned onna housefronts inna past time eons ago from today's complex society

the second work bun found had undergone some little plastic surgery yet

tell you about any new cool clothes soon!

yours, haselore