Friday, 14 August 2009

me vs. the World Inferno Friendship Society

I had a great time at yesterday's J-Day and I even got some words to the public out of Barfly's charismatic leader inge which is the dutch anagram to what the spanish call "cojones"! he is a great guitar player for sure like a heavy rock's paul weller and he is a real cutie for sure and I had some great times with all of them backstage after the show! I hope that you can soon read about this on Looking For Kohl

but now on to something completely different!
the very day the world inferno friendship society came down from the usa to hannover here in europe.
i heard that the band got really popular after they played on one evening back in zero 1 when the buddy's intelligence service declared war on what was pretty much everybunny else on the planet except for the swiss i think...
the band was further said to have performed a fantastic show after doing a few calls home as for any relatives and friends missing - so they're good sportsmen and really serious artists for sure! reason enough for me to do a story!
the society had already kicked off their set when we entered but i found myself a good place at the back of the hall. jackoferno was in top form and he cracked what i thought were some very good jokes!
the WIFS turned out to be a hell of a live band - tight drumming made the basics for a permormance that somehow reminds of an absurd musical cabaret because i have heard lots of musical instruments played on that drumming - and the guy at the mixing desk was deaf!
but Jack T. was well tired after the show. really tired because he had worked really hard on stage. bad luck i had approached him much too early after the show for my interview-report-series about "unbearable phony noise at shows" because i felt sleepy once again. he was very friendly but also very directly in his refusal to come round now so he send brian to take care of the press ladies and to talk about voulkme at shows. means brian would have had to do the special 3QK interview. but i was so overwhelmed by the presence of such a handsome young man that answered all the given questions in a friendly, polite and interesting manner. once again I simply forgot hasmuth at home (which i hear you say must have become quite popular with me every here and now...) and even worse I forgot to do the 3QK (which stands as an acronym for 3 Questions by haselore Kohl) interview to the interview with brian viglione, but i contacted him via the internet and here it is now!

HK: how old are you
BV: I am 30. My birthday was May 16th.
HK: what's your favourite songs out of all the bands you ever have played in?
(note that I did the fatal mistake not to take care for aproper spelling as it was meant to be one song and not all of them.... - but taking in regard he's such a nice person i say fair enough that the man should have his say! your humble editoress)
My favorite songs are always the ones with the most driving energy and performative elements. So there's not ONE favorite. My fav Dolls songs to play were always ones with lots of improv; Half Jack, Coin-op Boy, Truce, Girl Anachronism, Modern Moonlight. And Port of Amsterdam, Mein Herr, and War Pigs were the most fun cover songs.
Inferno songs I love to play are Weimar, Velocity Of Love, Tarot Americane, Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures, Life Of Poverty And Freedom, Just The Best Party, and Addicted to Bad Ideas, as well as many others, but those are some of my current favs.
HK: how did you feel after the show:
BV: I'm sure I was feeling great after Hannover, always love to play shows!

... as you can read from the interview brian loves to play shows and this probably is the reason the WIFS have a fantastastic drummer cause practice makes perfect as wire used to say... and a drummer who keeps the hottest of ladies away fom jackoferno apres-show - a drummer like this, he simply must be perfect the one cause usually the drummers they're all stark raving mad. .... later when I stumbled home early in the morning I got aware of the fact the shit had long yet started to hit the fan..
blimey! I forgot I got to let you know that yesterday I have posted some videos by snob club and buckethead that got sent in by some supporters of my blog. I hope that barfly send me a video too, so that i can post it as well!
keep on hopping over green fields, yours haselore

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