Sunday 28 February 2010

there's a boat that's leaving soon for new york


...ethiopia - the place everybunny wants to go back to 200 years after she got fallen out of a boat... probably much warmer than round here these days...

but now watch some flowers that you won't find down there...

guess the music speaks for itself!

yours, haselore kohl

Thursday 25 February 2010

gone fishing: down pixi`s bird population


as an important editoress i had the honour of being invited to pixi's bird population exhibition's important vernissage down horrible linden

after having entered the exhibition rooms i started posing in front of the cool promo poster

and my presence was well received by the artists!

I spotted one of the owls courtesy of tripwire artworks and i began my roundtrip - starting with the sufferings of a well oiled sea bird...

and moving on to the one eyed lady and further on to watch some heavily grunge influenced semi-erotic painting

then i noticed that pixi bird got a bit angry with me cause i started off with my pen pal leo tripwire's artworks and not with her's

so i had to hurry up to meet up with some of her fine paintings and installations ..

at first i inspected pixi's nicely done though heavily depressing paintings

and then i moved myself on to the installations section

untill i needed a rest very badly cause my paws were aching

but i did not have a lot of time for relaxation through the abuse of deadly soft drugs

... because i soon teamed up with my pal SB who had sheltered me for a night after her devastating birthday party inna zero nine

pixie bird was a bit surprised when she saw the pics the current driver had made - "haselore, what are you doing there in front of all my cool works?" she cried!

...and to me it appeared like parts of the larger public were neither this pleased with these shots

while others were obviously enjoying them for their way above average hi-quality and their heavily revealing nature in general!

you're missing the music? I don't!

yours, haselore kohl

Tuesday 23 February 2010

leben heisst leben


some top designers like TM-S fancy the band laibach very much and here's some of there lyrics...

yours, kohl

Monday 22 February 2010

at the movies

wot's better in wintertime than staring into an artificial sun and listening to the bad brains? ...probably not a lot - ask mackie.

yours, haselore kohl

Sunday 21 February 2010

blinded by the light

i was going to win some well needed dough to support my expensive hobbies while boring hasmuth was doing what most men do when there out onna streets...

... and what he did looks real disgusting, doesn't it?

yours, haselore kohl

Friday 19 February 2010

gramme friday


i was indeed truly amazed to find out how many fans out there my cool blog has!

and i was quite a bit amazed to find out how many truly expressionist sites hannover has that have not been featured onna looking for kohl yet!

to calm down i just spent the rest of the evening looking at some cold flowers - they did not make me very happy though...

i don't now what went wrong with my life but have a nice weekend - still, think about whatcha gonna do at that specific point in life when the container drivers are coming after you...

very truly yours, haselore kohl

Wednesday 17 February 2010

melody lee


recently i drove by at my pal v.'s place...

and i got him to play a bassline for my a cool game - "erkennen sie der melodie?" and i wonder if any bun out there will recognize this ever popular bassline that in recent times has become the standard of 30 % of all songs that have got anything to do with hardcore...

and here know is my cool ratespiel:

if you think you got the right answer just send me an e-mail to my personal email account at h_kohl at haselore dot f'in com

and know i am curious and awaiting your e-mails with the right answers - but first i will take a nap...

yours, haselore

Monday 15 February 2010

looking after # 1

it pretty much looks like everybun can be a star in her own right up on here...

... even an other the driver who took me out to a show the details of which I sadly forgot about!

yours, haselore

Wednesday 10 February 2010

sun god

anybunny out there remember homestead records and there best release next to late s.s. decontrol's terrific 'break it up' album?

no, you don't? never mind.... just grab another disc - and just in case it's your birthday, here's some flowers

yours haselore kohl

Sunday 7 February 2010

hard work


traditionally you go out when there's shit weather outside trying to get connected to somebun

... and sometimes you are trying real hard and it just won't work out

because you cannot just sit inside waiting for somebun plus the three stooges to accidentally show up for an interview

... but if they to do you gotta be well prepared to have your one sheet handy that contains the questions you're gonna ask the group - and that's easier than sending it by snail mail

yours, haselore kohl

Friday 5 February 2010


... yeah man - truth hits everybunny. and truth is that getting an internatonal collab with some of my myspsacemailfunction buddies [buddies indeed who do not want to have there names reveiled yet to the public, yours hk, smart editoress] set up is tough shit because even if the internet works most other's don't - and i hope that my brethren never run out of there endless patience regarding waiting for my orchestra's takes. cause there a bunch of lame herberts.

... but never mind the bollocks keep on searching for the light or keep on listening to some hard bun's cries for justice or whatever else change they are screaming for - but apparently they were the best live band in zero 9 -(except for helena arlock's band! )

special blessings to my brothers and sisters who never lose faith etc. etc., yours spiritually, haselore kohl

Thursday 4 February 2010



hell yeah! finally i have managed to trace what I think is by far the coolest band around ...

and they are so cool that i have instantly joined there supporters's squad!!

just because it's a much better one than most of the other local b.o.f. bands here in hannover have...

and i found out that the queeny got lots of fans already. due to that fact it was not that hard to find there logos onna walls and cars here in my hood!!!

... and though it was bleeding cold and i was freezing my bum off - posing in front of all these logos felt just exceptionally great because they make me look even better than i usually do!

know i just gotta meet the band!!! so, while i am hunting them down, have a nice one yourselves, yours haselore kohl