Thursday, 25 February 2010

gone fishing: down pixi`s bird population


as an important editoress i had the honour of being invited to pixi's bird population exhibition's important vernissage down horrible linden

after having entered the exhibition rooms i started posing in front of the cool promo poster

and my presence was well received by the artists!

I spotted one of the owls courtesy of tripwire artworks and i began my roundtrip - starting with the sufferings of a well oiled sea bird...

and moving on to the one eyed lady and further on to watch some heavily grunge influenced semi-erotic painting

then i noticed that pixi bird got a bit angry with me cause i started off with my pen pal leo tripwire's artworks and not with her's

so i had to hurry up to meet up with some of her fine paintings and installations ..

at first i inspected pixi's nicely done though heavily depressing paintings

and then i moved myself on to the installations section

untill i needed a rest very badly cause my paws were aching

but i did not have a lot of time for relaxation through the abuse of deadly soft drugs

... because i soon teamed up with my pal SB who had sheltered me for a night after her devastating birthday party inna zero nine

pixie bird was a bit surprised when she saw the pics the current driver had made - "haselore, what are you doing there in front of all my cool works?" she cried!

...and to me it appeared like parts of the larger public were neither this pleased with these shots

while others were obviously enjoying them for their way above average hi-quality and their heavily revealing nature in general!

you're missing the music? I don't!

yours, haselore kohl

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