Friday 5 February 2010


... yeah man - truth hits everybunny. and truth is that getting an internatonal collab with some of my myspsacemailfunction buddies [buddies indeed who do not want to have there names reveiled yet to the public, yours hk, smart editoress] set up is tough shit because even if the internet works most other's don't - and i hope that my brethren never run out of there endless patience regarding waiting for my orchestra's takes. cause there a bunch of lame herberts.

... but never mind the bollocks keep on searching for the light or keep on listening to some hard bun's cries for justice or whatever else change they are screaming for - but apparently they were the best live band in zero 9 -(except for helena arlock's band! )

special blessings to my brothers and sisters who never lose faith etc. etc., yours spiritually, haselore kohl

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