Sunday 21 November 2010


inna last week bun went out for a walk to watch the gulls be shitting down from sum fences

when a promotional poster attracted her attention...

so it was necessary to get some credit onto her mofo

so she could make some necessary calls to those mr. peters to get in line for an interview date with der turbostaat onna upcoming saturday...

let's see if that worked, but...

Saturday 20 November 2010

I'd rather be sleeping

sleeping is one of bun's fave hobbies to relax from her exhausting job as a cool editoress

and mostly her dreams are of the pleasant kind - filled with virtual flowers

but waking up again it's just about facing a world full of horrors, cruelty and pain

so that you'd just want to return back to mommy's womb - but that won't work

yours sadly, haselore