Tuesday 21 August 2012

suffragette city



yours, haselore

Thursday 2 August 2012

nutcase - meeting dickie hammond from leatherface


on the 6th of february 2012 your humble editoresse took a trip to  
der au down frankfürt rodelhiem to get an interview with legendary 
dickie hammond from leatherface and hung drawn & quartered fixed

the band had already started to perform when bun finally
managed to find that place somewhere in the backwoods

after the show she was told by the band management
that dickie h. was yet to be called backstage

bun spent her spare time preparing for the interview with 
some more drink and some more smoke -
untill dickie finally did arrive!

what dickie did not tell your humble editoress was where 
sid v.'s long lost original chainlock had been kept for about
the last 34 years -  but nevertheless bun managed 
to find out about it's whereabouts at some later date

and after yet another buddyshot with mr. frankie stubbs who by the
way had a damaged hand and could not play the guitar on this tour

it was time to hit the lights again

or rather to hop off towards the home-burrow - so you gotta wait for an interview with mr. FWS untill sometime like 2023... yours,