Sunday 26 June 2011

tree of life

last week hasmuth sent bun a poem...

"Paranoid, sittin in a deep sweat -
thinkin I gotta f&%$ some bun before the week ends

The sight of blood excites me,
shoot you in the head
sit down,
and watch you bleed to death

I hear the sound of your last breath -
shouldn't have been around,
I went all the way left

You was in the right place with me at the wrong time

I'm a psychopath,
in a minute lose my f&%$in mind

Calm down,
back to reality

Don't fear death,
cause I know that it's promised to me

I get flashes of Jason

Gimme a knife, a million lives I'm wastin -
the shadow of death follows me, I don't give a fuck

Pussy play superman,
your ass'll get boxed up

Put him in a straight jacket, the man's sick -
this is what goes on in the mind of a lunatic"

yours haselore kohl

PS: just wonder where he stole those lines from?!

Thursday 23 June 2011

into the arms of god

... the very next day your humble editoresse got yet another message from snakey:

"Dear Haselore, because I could not find you anywhere
I could creep to on my own scales I called up Möhre to drive me around

Möhre quickly came by in his orange convertible
and he suggested to get some spiritual guidance,

so we went to the pagoda Vien Giac to look for help there!

We went up to the big jade buddha statue and asked her
but she was not really in the mood to speak to us

We even asked one of my brothers working as security at the pagoda
but we could not understand what he said cause he only spoke vietnamese

I even thought about buying a buddha I could question at home,
but somehow I was getting rather bewildered...

I will try to call you up in the coming days, Yours Snakey

...oh come on snakey - you should now that their are no working phone booths around here!
yours, haselore kohl

Wednesday 22 June 2011

it's hard to be a saint in the city

bun got a letter from snakey the other day, and wot he rode was:

"Dear Haselore,

when I woke up on sunday morning i could not find you anywhere!

I went to the river but you weren't there!

I went to a dance but there you weren't neither!

I even bought an ice cream cone 'cause it was so bloody hot!

I just wondered if you had taken a train...

...or if you had gone off by ship.

or if anything would have gone dead wrongly with you!

Yours truly, Snakey"

bun was a little bit ashamed - but then - only a little bit - and after all: in wot f%&$ing city did this fool try to look for me?

yours, haselore

Sunday 19 June 2011

attitude - meeting go!

...onna sunny weekend in june of zero eleven bun got her
best dress on and took the chance to hop to the go! show at

it's the one place for artists

(not only those who really do care about performing the fine arts of b-boying)

your humble editoress even managed to get an interview with go!'s mike bullshit right before the show and she even got (((unartig nyc))) to film some vids of their show that do show what you guys and gals at home have missed - but know you better have a look at your humble editoresse's impressions from the show...




the bun who had to take a little nap right after the show

before getting personal with her overseas fans

... and remember well:

and that you don't have to be a

yours, haselore kohl

PS: and here know is the link to my cool interview with mike bs!

Thursday 16 June 2011

looking for a new england


very probably bun should've rather hit the north to find it...

yours, haselore kohl

Monday 13 June 2011

evil eye

yours, haselore kohl

Friday 10 June 2011

see ya later 'gator

while bun is hanging out in NYC with old-skull scenesters like Feargal & Darth...

...she just wonders what hasmuth has really been doing behind her back...?!

well...probably not a lot...

time to hop off again, yourzzz (as the buddies use to put it), haselore kohl

Thursday 9 June 2011

dingy bars suck

hopping down east village your humble editoress got to discover some of the remains of ancient new york... least that's what huey, one of the lads from her carpool, had told her!

mars bar is alright as a place where you can watch life pass by remotely and quietly,

and it has some remarkably pieces of the fine arts on display! well as some of the most extraordinary conveniences bun ever got to see.

not to forget a very friendly barkeeperesse! apprenticed at nelle's she soon makes you aware of the hard and unpleasant facts the female half of this planet is subjected to when visiting this place

it has to be mentioned that this place has seen its share of legendary artists

and that it is the one and only place down here that gets you in the fortunate position to meet up with jerry orbach taking a break from production work every so often when all has broken lose on site

well, cash is a rare good down here in nyc

so that mars bar these days is a critically endangered species round here

and when it's gonna be closed there'll be no place where felix can have his pint in style anymore!

so long, yours haselore kohl